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Lasik Surgery in Singapore: Say bye to the inconveniences & discomforts brought about by your contact lenses!

Familiar with the burning sensation in your eyes if you were to put your contacts on after clocking little sleep? How about the eye fatigue you feel after a long day of work? On more than one occasion, I suffered from contact lens ulcer and infection – blame it mostly on my bad habits for sleeping with my contacts.

Before undergoing LASIK surgery in Singapore, as a contact lens wearer, I too have experienced the discomfort of wearing contact lenses.

For example, after a long, hard night of partying, no longer will you have to go through the motion to remove your contact lenses and clean them anymore. Cos you won’t even need to depend on your contacts anymore after laser vision correction surgeries!

On the days when wearing contacts are nearly impossible.

As fellow contact lens wearers, you may identify with me that there are days when putting on your lenses are impossible.

One occasion that came into mind is during the haze season when my eyes will feel extra sensitive. Another time is when I suffered from bouts of contact-lens related eye infection. These are the countless times when I had no choice but to turn to my clunky & cumbersome glasses. But I hated the way I look with glasses – honestly, it made me appear extra nerdy and geeky. Who is with me here?

The issues of contact lens dropping out

Contact lens wearer will understand that contact lenses seem to drop out at the most inconvenient timing! For instance, halfway through your day or in the middle of your activities. Sure, you can always pop it back on, but that’s extra inconvenience right there on your part. And you can’t do so if you do not have your contact lens solution in your bag! Bear in mind that cleaning your lenses using water is a big NO, NO as you are putting yourself at risk of infection!

You will then have to spend the rest of the day figuring things out with your blurry vision. Such a pity if you have to miss out on the breathtaking sceneries and sightseeing new cities if this happens during your travels!

Say bye to contact lens induced dry eyes

What does your typical weekday look like? Putting on our contacts in the morning, reporting for work and sometimes hanging out till late with our friends – it may be a good 12 to 15 hours before we remove our contact lens at the end of the day.

The itchiness, grittiness and annoying redness around the rims of your eyes from wearing contacts – have you ever experienced them? Those are just few examples of the side effects of contact-lens induced dry eyes. These symptoms are intensified from wearing your contacts over extended period of time.

If you are tired of spamming all the lubricant eye drops, perhaps laser vision correction could be a solution you can consider.

Laser vision correction is an investment that is totally worth it!

If you are someone who relies on your contact lenses a lot, perhaps it is a good idea to explore about laser vision correction. Whether you are suffering from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and/or presbyopia, laser vision correction doesn’t just improve your vision – it brings about significant positive changes in your lifestyle and sometimes, even more so than contact lenses!