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Late night play fight goes horrifying wrong when two men lose their balance and FALL onto Tube

  • The two drunken men came inches away from death after wrestling at Tube stop 
  • They fell into the tracks as an oncoming train approached Green Park station

Two drunk men came just inches away from death after wrestling each other into the tracks of a speeding Tube train.

The shocking footage shows the two men grappling with each other just inches away from the tracks at London’s Green Park station.  

Both the men seem completely unaware that an oncoming Tube is about to pull up to the platform during their late-night fight on Sunday.

Other commuters then jump to the rescue, managing to pull the play-fighting pair out of the way of the oncoming up just moments before an imminent head-on collision.

Autumn, a cheer leading coach who filmed the incident, told Unilad: ‘They were really drunk and they were making so much noise. I was voice noting my friend and she couldn’t hear what I was saying because they were so loud and making so much noise.

‘They were just screaming, singing really loudly, walking up and down the platform really close to the edge.

‘My friend told me to Snapchat her a video of them, so I did and then the train started coming. They were play fighting and scaring each other by pushing near the edge, but they were so drunk. They lost balance and fell in, and then they got saved.

‘My friend thought one of them got stuck in and died because that’s what it looks like in the video. Three guys pulled them out and just the guy’s hoodie fell down and got hit by the train.

‘After they were pulled out they were holding onto each other the whole time. When they came out they were just holding onto each other, I guess they thought they were going to die.’