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Latest trends in logo design creation to shine in 2021

If you wonder what are the latest design logo trends in 2021, you should read our article. Here we will discuss the best and most catchy trends in logo making for designers.

Interesting and working logo design trends for you

Are you interested in logo creation? Would you like to know today’s logo ideas to install in your projects? Then you are reading the right lines. Today, we will discuss the freshest trends in the design industry.

If you want to find amazing logos, we are ready to introduce to you several great ideas. You will love them. There’s no need to think about a relevant design. With our help, you will have a list of trendy ideas to inspire you in your work. Let’s get started with the list of amazing and even provocative ideas.

What are the design trends for 2020?

Working on a logo is a long and tiring process. You can’t create a picture and name it a logo. You should build a strategy to develop a relevant and remembering picture. It is hard work. And many designers struggle to create a catchy logo.

You may find it difficult to work on the logo design for several reasons:

  • The commissioner is too picky. It is a regular issue for every designer. Whether you are a beginner or not, you will meet your choosy client. This is a person that rejects all the ideas and is looking for something out of this world. What should you do in this case? Patience, creativity, and a wide range of logo ideas will help you survive in this situation.
  • Another thing corresponds to the strategy of logo making. There are so many things to consider when working on the logo. You should correlate with the commissioner and discuss the details of the order. It can take more time to build the strategy and develop the foundation of the logo.
  • And the last paramount reason why logo creating can be harsh is the ideas. You can either burst your ideas or have little understanding about what is going on around you.

It may happen with every designer who starts a new project. Different things can influence your imagination. It may be a lack of creativity or a bad mood. Or you may not have enough preparation.

But it is necessary to perform a good and satisfying result to impress the commissioner. For this reason, it is necessary to know about the latest trends in logo making. This information will make you more professional and demanding on the market.

Should you learn more about the latest trends?

Beginners often wonder why they need to learn more about the tendencies. They think that being good at what they do currently is enough. But the market is changing. More and more people need help from designers. And if you don’t keep up with the changes on the market, people will address their projects to other experts.

Customers want to receive the best. You should know what is popular today. If you know what can catch the audience, people will come to you for professional and timely services. For this reason, you should know what is of the highest importance these days. It will make your designer career more successful.

Top trends: How do I create a professional logo?

Now it is time to look at the top trends in logo making. You may know some of them. Or may have heard about some points from the list. We hope our updates will help you look at your ideas from a different perspective.

These trends are great and only winning the market. If you install them first, you will gain more orders and make your customers happier. Let’s get to the list.

Black and White designs

Let’s start with the first trend in logo creation. Black and white logos are classy. They are not new to you. But these days, the trend to use black and white design has blown the market. Companies install minimalistic style to make their business look more stylish.

If you don’t want to create a simple logo, you can make an animated design. It will catch the eye of the people because of its rapid and active animation.

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Cartoon style

This is another great idea both for small and big companies. Cartoon-style animations look simple. But simplicity is a new trend that we should promote today. First of all, they are quite simple to work with. Thus, if you are a beginner, you can try this trend. The illustrations look like pictures drawn with a pencil.

And the second reason is that they aren’t regular. People aren’t tired of them in advertisements and other commercials. You can play with colors, types, and pictures. Animated cartoon logos are winning the market, so don’t hesitate to try working with them.

Animated animals or abstract patterns will give a simple project a breath of fresh air. You can doodle the logos or use flat variations of the same design. The ideas are endless. So, use them for your benefit.

Creative letters

This one is more tricky. You need to work a lot on the concept of the logo to develop a funny and interesting animation. Using letters in the logo for a company, brand or event is a great idea. Would you like to know why?

The answer is quite obvious. When working on the logo, you can render the main values that a company has. If you are creative enough, this task will be an interesting challenge. You can use different techniques and animation methods to make your picture alive. Using symbols, animals, abstract things, or other items should be obligatory.


This is another great trend that appeared on the market. Why is it so popular these days? By using a gradient, you can combine the major colors of your brand and make it look stylish. With gradient animations, the logo will be more impressive and memorable.

What are the options for gradient logos? You can play with a single color and use its shades. The monochromatic design is a nice option for serious and well-known companies. It can even add some spirituality to the design. Don’t think that using monochrome logos is boring. If you animate it and choose relevant shades, the viewers will estimate the efforts.

Using many colors is also an option for logos. It will look brighter and draw more attention. It does not apply to every logo design. But if you consider it as a good choice, make sure you play with colors and even add textures to the logo.


What about lines? Or do you want to insert curves into your logo? Then you should use geometric patterns in the logo in 2021. You may think that using simple shapes is not trendy at all. But lines, dots, squares, and other sophisticated shapes are on the rise. You can use them for different purposes and in various cases.

They are universal. You can make a memorable geometric logo for a business company. Or you can create a nice curvy logo for a grocery shop. The choice is yours. And it fits many purposes. What are the examples of geometric logos?

  • These are some of the simplistic versions of logo designs. If a commissioner asks for ideas, a line-based logo is your choice. It will be a great idea for the starters. You can add other shapes to your lines, but these should be the focus of your creation. They form necessary frames and are perfect for global and serious projects.
  • These shapes are more common for logos. You can find squares in a lot of different companies. They are easy to use and install for various ideas. If you want to create the idea of fundamental issues, using a square is a great decision.
  • Round shapes. This is a very easy variant, but it is still quite a working decision. This is a universal logo design. You can choose it for so many variations. It will look great in black and white or colorful schemes.
  • This is another shape that is popular among logo designers. Not every company is in favor of a triangle in their logo. But for many companies, a triangle symbolizes stability, foundation, and diversity. For this reason, the use of triangles in logo designs is a new trend in 2021.

These are geometric patterns that are usually used in the design. You can also pay attention to different curvy shapes. But it requires more imagination.

Simplicity is a key

With years, logo designs have become simpler. Designers follow the trend towards minimalism. They don’t want to put too many details on the picture. For this reason, this is a new tendency in 2021. Why do companies join the movement and support the trend? Technological development and market digitalization is the reason for such a trend.

More and more companies start promoting their service online. They use phone apps where the picture is quite small. Customers don’t have time to look at the details of the design. They need to understand at once what the design of the company is. Commissioners don’t want to use bizarre designs because they can only divert the users. It is better to use plain colors and don’t overdo the color schemes.

Simplification also touches upon the forms. Companies often use the letters of their name to create a logo. And it often contains a single letter that represents the whole logo. First of all, it is convenient. Furthermore, customers remember such catchy logos better. This is why it is a nice way to promote the product online.

A simple logo will win the market. It won’t be dull or lack interesting details. As a designer, you can play with fonts, add bold letters and choose the different intensities. Your design should be unique. But it doesn’t have to look extraordinary to catch the eye of the people. Simplification and minimalism is a long-term trend in the logo design industry. So, don’t hesitate to try it.

How much should I charge for a logo design 2020?

We have covered the most vivid and used logo designs. But there is another issue that worries beginners. How much should you ask for a logo? The question is difficult to answer. There’s no universal answer for everyone.

We are all in different circumstances. We deal with customers in different parts of the world. Thus, you won’t find the information that would fit you and any other designer. But how should you set the price for your services? There are several options to consider before setting the price tag for your work.

  • Check the prices on the market. There are so many ways to check what are the regular charges that other designers offer. You need to research it and choose what the limitations for the price are.
  • Another option is asking for help from other people. Do you have friends who create logos? Do they know people who are into design? You need to communicate with other professionals. They will teach you what price to set for the services.
  • You should also focus on your work. How many hours do you spend on the project? What were the initial requirements? Was it possible to discuss the amendments with the commissioner? There are so many things to consider. You should think about them and then calculate the final price.

Remember that you won’t have two similar orders. They will differ in complexity, time, and energy. Thus, you should develop a basic price list. But it is necessary to set individual prices for individual orders.

Make sure you test your work and don’t introduce low prices. It will only ruin the market. If you present high-quality work, you should receive a good payment.

Final thoughts

It is necessary to follow the trends. People like to receive relevant and trendy logos. But it is also important to listen to yourself, look at the situation, and predict the risks.

You need to have at least some understanding of the trends in logo designs. But you can’t underestimate your vision. If you listen to your commissioner and focus on the trends, you can create a real logo masterpiece.