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Learn About Comments on YouTube: What Impact They Have on Rankings?

YouTube is one of the most popular and developed networks. It is also the second biggest search engine, after Google itself. Being a part of the Google corporation is a complementary factor too. This platform has many features that a blogger will consider positive – for example, YouTube comments are one of the greatest tools that harness the power of social media influence on this platform. Why do you need more of them and do they have any impact on the YouTube ranking system? You will find out in this article.

The Number Matters

One of the obvious things that may influence the ranking system on YouTube, is the number of comments. It works just like a view or likes counters – the more is practically always the better. In the case of comments, the system does appreciate the bigger amount of those under your video. But at this point, the direct correlation of ranking algorithms and comments is over.

An important thing to remember is that, unlike thumbs up or views, comments require huge attention to their quality, hence using bots is not the best idea for promoting a video on YouTube.

If you feel the need to increase your count of them artificially, go for trustworthy sites that have a proof for high-quality original replies.

An Indicator Of Engagement

Another significant feature that impacts the ranking is engagement. And the comment section is a great help in analytics and keeping your hand on the pulse of your engagement rate.

YouTube algorithms are sensitive to the quality of the comments you get as well, so you should check what’s going on in the discussions under your videos. The task for a creator here is to have a regular update on the state of things, in particular, screen the reaction you get all the time your video is up on the rates and use this data to enhance your further performance. When your content drops at a lower rate, it will immediately impact your comment section:

  • The number and regularity of comments will decrease
  • Many people would point out exactly what they didn’t like in this particular content

These two factors will be enough for you to understand that it is time to adjust your strategy of growth on YouTube.

Attracting The Attention Of Users

It is no secret that for many people reading comments on YouTube is a separate entertainment. Users are having discussions, offer ideas, just joke around, and sometimes pick fights. All that is an online equivalent of communication, where one is acknowledging other opinions, finding like-minded folks, and simply killing time.

Participation of the creator is a matter of thorough attention too. You should be active in the conversations that are going on in your comment section to attract more people.

  • By replying actively, you show interest in your audience, which is a positive feature for users.
  • Responding to the comments is another opportunity to showcase your personality and bond with the existing subscriber base.
  • Outstanding skills in confronting and handling criticism and negative reactions is another way to improve your influence and gain support.

In terms of ranking, being active in your communication is a part of successful growth. Having interesting stuff going on in comments is one of the reasons why people would follow you, like, and share your videos. Hence, your position in rating will be higher.

On the contrary, if you get too much criticism, it means you are doing it wrong, and you should revise your whole concept. Having many critical replies usually means you get many dislikes, and the ranking system will count this in for sure.

Leave Comments To Other Videos In Your Niche

This strategy is old as YouTube itself. As people tend to scroll for fun through the comment section of popular videos, you can use that as an additional place to express yourself and gain views and subscribers, and as a finishing touch, improve your rating. Here are a few tips that will help you to reach your goals:

  • Keep it polite. Mocking, pointless criticism, trolling, and other controversial tactics have a low percentage of success, while the chance to be banned and disliked is increasing.
  • Don’t ask people to subscribe without pointing out why they actually should do that.
  • Remember that you are entering the territory of another blogger, and your comment has to be somewhat useful for them – talk about the topic of their video, and don’t make your goals too obvious.
  • Aim for triggering the interest of users by the information you share, so they would want to click and see your channel organically. Don’t push users, and don’t beg.

Another reason why you should check out the comments for other videos that are popular on YouTube is that this practice allows you to examine the preferences and trends among the audience, and build your strategy accordingly. Knowing what users like and want to see, you can avoid many mistakes in your way to popularity.

How To Improve Your Ranking On YouTube?

Of course, commenting is an important factor that affects the rating algorithms, but it only works in complex with other things.

Total optimization. Being an artificial intelligence, the YouTube ranking system loves when data is properly categorized. The main tool for that on YouTube is keywords, and the most important factor for better rating is having proper keywords in the title of your video.

Add transcripts for your videos. This way, Google will be able to index your video and increase the chance of it appearing in the search. Using transcripts in YouTube is easy – simply upload in Creator Studio a text document that traces the words you say in your video. No time-coding required!

Create playlists. This way not only you make it easier for the system to categorize your videos, but you also increase the level of comfort for your viewers. People are lazy and as the playlists have the auto-play function, you get more views and improve your stats.

Create compelling content. Whatever you may think, content is the true ruler of YouTube. Without doing something original, interesting, or professional, you won’t reach any goals. Boring, low-quality videos simply cannot stand the competition, whatever strategy you have developed.

Talk to your viewers directly. Include calls to action to your speeches in the video and see what magical result it gets.

Work on widening your viewership. Your first assistant here is cross-promotion. Gain potential subscribers from other social platforms. The main rule here – create exclusive content for each network, to motivate users to follow you on many platforms.

Maintain a consistent schedule. Users love having their content regularly. Running by a plan is what seriously increases your visibility and online presence. Also, organized uploading is a plus for ranking algorithms. Recommended regularity of posting on YouTube is 2-3 videos a week, but for starters try to maintain posting at least once a week.

Check your competition. When you enter a popular industry, you should know what competitors you will face. Before you launch your channel, examine what are the most successful influencers of the niche and what is interesting and original about them. Knowing your rivals will help you to develop a new approach as well and drag the audience with your fresh view.

Constantly analyze your results. Keep your hand on the pulse of your growth to see the mistakes of wrong choices at once, hence eliminate them without big harm to your ranking.

Do what you love. There is nothing more attractive than a YouTuber who is passionate about their content and who has the inspiration in their eyes.


YouTube comments are a powerful tool for ranking on this platform. But it will only work in combination with other activities and general involvement in your channel growth.