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Learn About the Basic Functions of a Single Board Computer

Learn About the Basic Functions of a Single Board Computer

A single board computer is not so common among households. The industries generally prefer to use these machines for ease of doing business. This special type of computer operates on a single circuit board only. However, it consists of other features like any other traditional computer, such as input-output devices, memory units, microprocessors, CPU, etc.

The primary purpose of using this type of machine is process control. Moreover, it can help in interfacing by remaining embedded in other devices. Therefore, the significance is immense from an industrial perspective.

Now, people can ask why to use such a computer rather than a traditional desktop. There are many reasons for doing this. This article will throw some light on all those factors.

Reasons To Use Single Board Computer

The user often requires an additional amount of memory for storing a larger amount of data. However, enlarging the space can be challenging in the case of the desktop computer. On the other hand, a single-board computer is not as powerful as these traditional ones. For booting, the user need not worry about the additional memory.

Undoubtedly, such a brilliant machine can perform several functions necessary for commercial and industrial purposes. Moreover, educational institutions are also utilizing these machines for remote learning. The advantages are many for an SCB. It depends upon a user which device he/she considers to be the most suitable for the specific purposes.

Internal Components Of SCB

Two categories of SCB are available in the market. One is the Single Board Computer, and the other is the Microcontroller Unit. However, in the case of the microcontroller, the general-purpose user interface is not functional. Furthermore, it lacks massive storage like traditional computers.

Different types of microprocessors are in use to operate the SCB. Some of the popular ones are;-

  •   Odyssey
  •   Raspberry Pi Zero
  •   NVIDIA JetsonNano
  •   NVIDIA Jetson Xavier

Several other processors are there in the market for the smooth function of this type of computer. The presence of many advanced features makes this device perfect for the industry. They can control the computing activities pretty well and support complicated devices. One of the significant aspects is reliable performance. Furthermore, they are a must in the defense industry.

To operate the special-purpose devices, highly skilled and competent personnel are necessary. Therefore, the user must have thorough knowledge about the different parts of the machine and the respective functions.

The RAM does not come with an expansion slot. Hence, the user can only expect a predetermined amount of storage for the peripherals. All the ancillary devices remain embedded within the single board circuit.

Automation will become more prominent and effective with the use of these fabulous computers. These computers are very stable. Furthermore, they are widely used for traffic controllers, missile guidance systems, and other major controlling facilities.


The use of a single board computer proves to be highly beneficial for commercial purposes. Furthermore, reduced downtime in these computers helps in running various complex activities. It is due to the presence of fewer bugs in comparison to the traditional desktops.