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Legal Ways to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Online Streaming Services

The most popular and biggest season Game of Thrones season 8 is on the table. HBO TV will air the last season of GOT on 14 April 2019. Fans want to know where they can see online or from where they can download it.

Don’t use torrent because it is an illegal way to download Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1.

But, Don’t worry here we came up with that networks or apps from where you can download or stream online game of Thrones legally.

Just read out this article and choose the streaming services for watching Game of Thrones season 8.

Streaming Services for Game of Thrones Season 8

It is an estimation that the last season of GOT will break the record. Here are many services are available where you can see legally or use these apps free for the first month.

One of the benefits of using these apps is that you can complete all episode of your most awaited season game of Thrones.

The season 8 will contain six episodes. Here is a schedule date of all six episodes.

Episode 1: 14 April, 2019

Episode 2: 21 April, 2019

Episode 3: 28 April, 2019

Episode 4: 5 May, 2019

Episode 5: 12 May, 2019

Episode 6: 19 May, 2019

HBO Networks for Game of Thrones season 8


It brings an official streaming service for its viewers. One of them is HBO NOW, and it is one of best option to see the game of thrones season 8. you can use it free for the first month, and only $15 are the subscription charges for the second month.

Moreover, if you are the student and have a low budget, then HBO Now offers you a package of $10 to watch the game of thrones.


So here is another HBO service, HBO Go/ Well it’s not free, but the price of it depends on your network. However, one of the best things is its flexibility; therefore, it can easily add in your system that you are using.

Other Streaming Services to Watch Online Game of Thrones Season

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of my favorite services for streaming online seasons. Well, Amazon is providing seven days free trial and then charged $14.99 per month for HBO programs. Meanwhile, it offers free music as well as one-day delivery Services.


Hotstar also offers streaming service, and it’s premium subscription depends on your country where you belong.

If you are a resident of India, then your subscription charges are only $4.50 per month or $14.00 per year.


Here another outstanding streaming service DirecTV that is giving seven days free trial for HBO programs. And for watching Game of Thrones, requires only $50 per month.


I hope you are very well with Hulu that is a streaming service at low prices. The best thing is that HBO pack is free for the first week and further charge $14.99.

Moreover, many low prices packages are also available which starts from $5.99.