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Legit Link Building Hacks for Your Site

The most appealing thing with link building nowadays is you don’t have to apply the ancient SEO techniques. You can easily build links the right way for your website. There are several easy ways to build your links the natural way without seeming unnatural.

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  1. Social Media

If you observe keenly today, almost everyone is on social media, including the aged. If your business is not on social platforms, then be prepared to be out of business soon. The social sites are an ideal platform to build awareness, traffic, and sales. However, the best way to achieve all of these is by communicating with influential people on Social media.

You do not have to pay them or enter into a business partnership with them; make them curious about your service or product. If they are enthusiastic about the product, they will promote it for you even without your knowledge or asking for payment. However, the product or service has to be of high quality and can transform people’s lives.

  1. Podcasting

In recent days podcasting has been gaining more and more popularity. Most businesses seem to create podcasts that talk about their line of business. These could be their products or services, how they can benefit the users, and so on. Streaming services such as Spotify have now embraced podcasts. You can easily find a podcast you desire on the site.

NB: If you are called upon for a podcast, do not hesitate to scoop the opportunity. The podcaster may link or fail to connect your website, but that is not the focus here. Your main aim of appearing in the podcast is to pass the message about your website. It is a medium to showcase the site and tell people why they should visit it.

  1. Advertising

Advertising can be used resourcefully in creating awareness for a website. Practice this, and you will also see some ranking benefits. In an interview, an expert was asked for his opinion on links, and he agreed that promotion is necessary to some extent.

Advertising that works perfectly with promotion

Advertising can be in many forms, and you could be overwhelmed on which route to take to promote your website. However, PPC advertising works best when you want to create awareness for your content. The most important thing is to promote useful content to the audience. Content that addresses the main pain points affecting your target audience will be widely shared.

You could also try other forms of advertising but be careful not to engage networks with click bot activity. With such platforms, you will be paying for absent traffic.

  1. Attending industry events and speaking publicly

Most organizations that want to firmly adhere to link building often overlook this remarkable link building technique. Ensure you attend events and conferences even for other business niches. Create lasting relationships with leaders in the specific industries they work in.

Start quoting their sayings and words, publish notes from what they said during an interview or a meeting. You could even interview them if they agree. All these are techniques to leverage their popularity to gain awareness and traffic. Your site will also be endorsed from such an interaction.

Make sure you treat people with respect and as important people. Be keen on what they have to say about their careers, lifestyle, and so on. Ask them questions and try to engage them fully. You do not know who you are on the table with or the opportunity they might present for your business.

Try out public speaking if you have an important message to pass across. Start with small groups of people such as colleagues and move on to bigger crowds passing useful information.

  1. Building Relationships

Connect with non-competitors in your niche site who have the same audience as you. Link prospects will readily link to your website if their peers are already connected to you. Connections can happen via testimonials, social media, and endorsements.

Publish articles that do not have spammy links as this could also be a great way to connect with the community addressing the same issues you address on your website. Curating alliances is a kind of old school marketing that still works.

Remember to have a friend; you must be a friend. To attract the players in your niche and get links, you have to be friends with them first. They have to love what you are offering for them to link it.

These five techniques help cultivate traffic, establish authority, and even bring awareness. They will do away with the stress to curate links manually since the links are natural. However, it takes time and effort to build those natural links. Be patient, and everything will work out once you do it the right way.