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Lemon Cookies Strain Review

The Lemon Cookies Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and the infamous Girl Scout Cookies. It smells like lemon candy and has a woody lemon flavor. The effects are powerful, euphoric, and uplifting which makes it great for daytime use.

Its lemon taste is extremely enjoyable – so much that I think lemon strain should be its own category by itself. It’s lemon, but not as acidic as lemon juice or lemon zest. It’s smooth and full of flavor without being too sweet or candy-like.

The effects start at the scalp and work their way down right to your fingers and toes. The best description would be a heavy head buzz with an energy boost that lasts for hours. It makes you feel uplifted and motivated for whatever it is that you’re doing.

For example, you can get a ton of studying done and felt like you could keep going without getting tired or burnt out. And although the lemon flavor is delectable, this bud can still easily be smoked on the go since it doesn’t leave a strong lemon aftertaste.

How Strong is Lemon Cookies Strain?

On Leafly, lemon cookies strain is rated as a 9.5 out of 10 for its strength. One user on the site described it as, “Headband kush meets lemon pledge.” It’s strong and it can creep up on you when you least expect it. Its lemon flavor is gentle, but the head buzz that comes with it will be anything but gentle.

This strain was designed to give you an uplifting and invigorating high – without knocking your socks off as some strong Indicas do. It was created for people who want a strong lemon flavor without having to smoke an entire lemon. It has more of a lemon candy taste than lemon zest which means it’s not as acidic and will induce less coughing.

Lemon Cookie Strain Effects

  • Gives you energy, motivates you to get stuff done (but doesn’t burn you out)
  • Uplifting lemon smell and taste
  • Not too strong, yet it has an invigorating lemon buzz that lasts for hours.
  • Lemon candy flavor – less acidic than lemon zest.
  • The lemon scent is pleasant without being too overpowering. It’s smooth and full of lemon flavor without being too sweet or candy

How to Grow Lemon Cookies Strain

The Lemon Cookies strain is one of the most popular hybrids out there and has been for a while. It’s easy to see why, since lemon is such a pleasant flavor and it does come together with the Girl Scout Cookies high. The strain grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments and can yield up to 500 grams per square meter or more under optimal conditions. Outdoors, lemon cookies strain flowers in about 8-9 weeks.

The lemon cookies strain is not the biggest yielder but you’ll be able to get around 450 grams per square meter with it indoors. It’s ideal for growing weed indoors since it doesn’t grow too tall and can fit into most places, however, lemon cookies strain is also easy to grow outdoors if you’ve got the space.

Where to Buy Lemon Cookies Strain Online in Canada

Are you looking to purchase cannabis strains online in Canada? There are a number of different suppliers for this strain within the country, but there is one website that has the best prices on this premium strain.

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Budlyft is a Canadian cannabis delivery service that sources their weed directly from trusted growers and suppliers which lowers the price for you. They have a variety of premium lemon cookies strain at an excellent price.

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The Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used to treat a number of different ailments, including insomnia, psychiatric disorders like PTSD, and other common conditions for many years. More recently, studies have shown that cannabis can help with inflammation and autoimmune diseases as well as cancer treatments.

Recently, the lemon cookies strain was approved by Health Canada for prescription medical marijuana use in Canada.

If you’re looking for lemon cookies strain reviews or lemon cookies in general, we hope this lemon strain review was helpful.