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Let’s Understand How Does The Temperature Has An Effect On Our Sleep?

Most of the times, while you are in sleep, you toss and turn a lot, you kick out the covers and sometimes, you pull them back. Most of the times, your teeth start to chatter. All this happens because of the temperature that’s going on in the room or in your bedding. Whenever you are trying to sleep peacefully in a comfortable manner, you must keep in mind the Sleep Number Cooling Pad, Dual air comforter zone, Undercover Bed Fan and various other things that can keep the temperature better for you while you are sleeping.

The endless nights and the restlessness is often a result of being too cold or too hot while sleeping. This is because the body has to work harder while sleeping in order to self regulate the the things in a better way.

Whenever the external temperature is not ideal, the body will switch back and forth between all the sweating process as a cooling mechanism and then shiver gown as a warming mechanism. This keeps on going back and forth all the time.

This happens all the time, except for the REM stage.

Because during the REM stage, the body sweat and the shiver mechanisms are basically impaired and the body is forced out to adjust to the ambient and adjustable room temperature as it is found. Whenever you come out of this type of stage, your body temperature might be too cold or too hot and it all depends on your bedroom environment.

So, when you are in the REM stage, your body’s shivering and sweating mechanisms are impaired, no matter what the temperature of the room is.

Let’s understand what’s the best temperature to sleep in?

  • For most of the researches, the best temperature to sleep is around 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit and it all depends on your sleeping habits and your partner’s sleeping habits. In case you tend to use more and more pillows and blankets while you are sleeping, set out your thermostat for the lowest temperatures.
  • However, if you prefer fewer blankets, then you can go for a higher room temperature. Whenever you are creating out an optimal sleep environment, there will always be a good rule of thumb that will help you in creating an atmosphere which is quiet, dark and cool.
  • The body will naturally begin to cool itself whenever you are trying to fall asleep. Thus, if you keep up the temperature in your bedroom cooler instead of warmer, it will be easier for you to get back to sleep and avoid insomnia.

There are various researchers who recommend lowering down the room temperature to around 2-3 degrees in order to sleep quickly and easily.