Liberal leader and ex-cop Peter Dutton delivers heartfelt tribute to slain Queensland officers

Peter Dutton fights back tears as the ex-Queensland policeman delivers a heartfelt tribute to slain officers in parliament

  • Peter Dutton has delivered an emotional tribute to the slain Queensland officers 

Opposition leader and former police officer Peter Dutton has repeatedly broken down in Parliament while delivering an emotional tribute to Queensland police officers Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow and citizen Alan Dare.

Mr Arnold, 26, and Ms McCrow, 29, and Mr Dare were shot dead by former school principal Nathaniel Train, his brother Gareth, and his wife Stacey. 

The two officers were on a search operation at the Train’s rural property in Wieambilla, three hours west of Brisbane, on Monday, when they were killed.  

‘Our nation clearly has lost three wonderful Australians,’ Mr Dutton said in Parliament on Thursday.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton delivered an emotional tribute to Queensland police officers Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow and citizen Alan Dare in Parliament

‘Three people who embodied compassion, commitment… and courage during their lives and in that I final moments. Certainly, those qualities that we will remember.’

‘By chance I returned from Toowoomba earlier this week, we came on to the highway to return from Toowoomba back to Brisbane and the motorcade was there and carrying the bodies of the officers and the highway blocked as they progressed down to Brisbane to the John Tonge Centre.

‘It was a…reminder of the good and the bravery that they displayed.’