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Life of the Party: Best Advice in Planning the Best Bachelorette Party

It’s not all the time that bachelorette parties have muscled men in thongs, crazy shot glasses wrapped around their necks, or whatever wild things seen from those bachelorette party television series.  Not every bachelorette party has to go down that manic circumstance to have a good and memorable time.

Hosting the best and perfect parties requires careful planning and choreography that balances wholesome reunion talks and the chaotic happenings that are bound to rise in a bachelorette party.

Did the bride hire you to host her bachelorette party? Or are you simply planning for a surprise bachelorette party for your “soon-to-be” married best friend? Not sure where to start? This article has got you covered with all the tips you need when planning for a bachelorette party.

Learn to Take Charge

The first thing about planning is deciding on where to host the party. Afterward, it’s always best to ask for the bride’s opinion on her preferences, as this would give you an idea of her wants and dislikes.

You may discover that your party-goer bride may want to settle for something intimate and serene such as a tea party or a relaxing spa day. You can easily go to a lot of places for this. However, if you want something exciting and wild, why not try a party bus? If you’re in Perth or somewhere nearby, Double Up has you covered. Double Up Party Bus Hire is there for your party needs.

Always consider which plans to pursue, and carefully lay it out with a trusted partner and the bridesmaid. Not all bachelorette party guests are down to do the craziest things planned, but as long as you invite good friends, it’s always great to have people of good sport.

Keep your Budget In-Check

As much as everyone wants to experience a fun and memorable bachelorette party, it’s always important to consider the scheduled festivities’ cost estimate and keep in touch with the people invited for budget concerns.

Always make sure that your plans are enough for the budget. One way to diligently handle the finances is to ask the invitees to pay the party organizer days before the event for the bachelorette party festivities to ensue, such as meals, decorations, location, or transportation.

This advance payment method can save you from the hassle of trying to contact guests who haven’t paid you back after the party. It’s also essential to return extra money left to guests; it’s better to let them know what the budget covered and what it didn’t.

Bring in the Fun

Now that you’ve finally got the bigger stuff listed down, it’s time to reel in on the fun festivities that you can do for a memorable bachelorette party. There are tons of options, so here’s a list of the possible things you can do to make it all exciting and fulfilling.

Hire a Party Bus: When you’re living in Perth, Australia, there’s certainly a lot of places you can go for sightseeing, and what makes a bachelorette party even more fun by going on a road trip and hiring a party bus?

Take your party on the road, and hire an organizer along with the party bus service and a professional chauffeur to guarantee yourselves a safe and long drive around the Perth area.

Schedule a Spa Day: What better way to unwind than booking yourselves a trip to the spa? After a whole night of partying, it’s always a good idea to take a relaxing morning with a spa date with the bride and bridesmaids.

Book a mani-pedi while eating, having brunch at the beach, or during a makeup session before the bachelorette night out. A good day of pampering would do you, the bride, and the rest of the bridesmaids some good.

Never Miss Out on Photo Ops: Every moment happening at a bachelorette party screams photo opportunity, so it’s better to have your cameras and the best decorations ready. Everyone’s Instagram posts and stories are sure to be filled with hilarious and aesthetic moments from the party.

For a perfect photo op, it’s also nice to plan a theme that could go along with matching outfits and backdrops for group photos. Take it to Google or Pinterest to find the perfect aesthetic; maybe you can go for a popular culture theme that the bride wants or floral, polka dots, or anything out of the box.

Always Confirm Guest Attendance

A memorable bachelorette party is when all guests can make it. Create a group chat on messenger or any social media platform to get the invitees together and discuss costs and final decisions on their attendance during the event.

The host and organizer need to do some counting months and weeks before the actual date. If cancellations occur, you should note to the guest that they are still part of the expenses and should be responsible for paying for their portion.


Bachelorette parties are always the one night to celebrate and create lasting memories before the bride bids farewell to her single life. Make bachelorette parties more fun when done right, preparation-wise and budget-wise.

Knowing what the bride wants and guaranteeing fun and safe party with the bridesmaids and family is always essential.