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Limitation of Philips Zoom Discus whitening lamps. How to reduce the cost of the procedure

There are a lot of people who want to have a snow-white Hollywood smile, and there is always a demand for such a procedure in dental practice.

Philips Zoom Discus whitening lamp is the most popular equipment that helps to improve the smile of patients. The American company Discus Dental developed this whitening technology back in the 90s of the last century, and it still remains in demand.

Philips Zoom Discus whitening lamp maintenance and care

A constant item in the budget of all dental clinics is the purchase of consumables, and these materials must certainly be of high quality, otherwise, all patients will simply scatter.

The maintenance of the Philips Zoom Discus whitening lamp in the dentist’s arsenal provides for the regular use of the following consumables:

  • A microchip that turns on the lamp, starts the session, and turns it off;
  • Whitening gel;
  • Gel activator;
  • Relief ASR;
  • Protect gums from whitening gel;
  • IsoPrep Dental Retractor;
  • Oil with vitamin E.

Timely and conscientious replacement of all consumables for the lamp will contribute to the growth of the popularity of your clinic, as the result is guaranteed to delight the patient!

How to reduce the cost of the whitening procedure with a lamp Philips Zoom Discus

The most important and costly item on this list is the microchip, as its lifespan is quite short – only 4 sessions. After “working out”, the microchip must be replaced with a new one, which will cost a lot of money. Bleach Infiniter has found a solution – an eternal chip!

This unique technology will allow dentists and clinics to significantly reduce costs such as Philips Zoom Discus whitening lamp maintenance.

If you put an eternal chip on the lamp, the indicator will always show the number of remaining sessions – 4. Just think, you replaced the chip once, and you can delight your patients with a snow-white smile in unlimited mode! Installing it is very simple and will not be difficult.

Call Bleach Infiniter and order your everlasting Philips Zoom Discus Whitening Lamp Chip without delay.

The warranty for the chip is 1 year, in which case it will be possible to return it within 30 days.

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