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Lisa Bloom had ‘files’ on Rose McGowan’s sexual history

A damning new report claims that Lisa Bloom offered to give a reporter a file which had details about Rose McGowan’s sexual history.

The Daily Beast reports that Bloom told Ronan Farrow of the dossier while he was writing his expose on Weinstein, who McGowan has accused of raping her in 1997 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Bloom wanted to hand over this material despite the fact that McGowan cannot legally speak about the incident because she signed an NDA after receiving a $100,000 settlement from Weinstein.

‘I don’t know if you’ve talked to Rose McGowan, but we have files on her and her sexual history,’ Bloom allegedly told Farrow according to NBC sources. 

Bloom would not comment on that claim. 

At the time, Bloom had already managed to get ‘New York’ to kill a piece about Weinstein which had been scheduled to run in late 2016, around the time sh first learned about the mogul’s alleged sexual misconduct.  

Lisa Bloom offered to give a reporter a file which had details about Rose McGowan’s sexual history (Bloom and Weinstein above on October 5) 

Meanwhile, lawyer Thomas Ajamie said that he was sitting with Bloom and Weinstein back in January while the disgraced movie mogul bragged about all the women he had bedded in Hollywood. 

‘Look I’m a famous movie producer, everyone wants an Academy Award, I can really help their careers,’ Weinstein reportedly said in front of Bloom, who still kept him as a client despite this admission. 

Bloom reportedly pointed out to Weinstein that he was married, and asked if he was cheating on wife Gerorgina Chapman, to which he replied: ‘Well, yeah, Lisa, this is Hollywood and this is what happens.’

She apparently dropped the conversation at that point according to Ajamie, who claims Bloom responded by saying: ‘OK, I’m just a little taken aback by this. But I’m not judging you or anything. I’m not judging.’

It is the claims about Farrow that are most damning as they seem to contradict previous statements made by Bloom. 

The lawyer, whose clients are usually victims of sexual harassment and/or assault, reportedly called Farrow up to ask him about a story he was doing involving NDAs and offered to help him with the piece.

Bloom first called Farrow 10 months ago according to sources and stayed in touch, offering up her client Blac Chyna as a source on NDAs at some point after she began representing Rob Kardashian’s estranged fiancee back in July. 

She did not let Farrow know she was working with Weinstein however, and the journalist also kept quiet about the subject of his story at first. 

It was when Farrow did finally admit that his story was on Weinstein that there was a shift, with the reporter believing he could trust Bloom given her clients up until that point had been fellow accusers, like those who spoke out against Bill O’Reilly at Fox News.

Soon after letter began to arrive, including one from Charles Harder in which the lawyer threatened to sue Farrow. 

Bloom was listed as his co-counsel.

Those letters also stated that Farrow was biased due to his own family’s history of sexual misconduct allegations, with his father Woody Allen having been accused of assaulting his daughter Dylan, who is Farrow’s sister. 

NBC at that point made the decision to pass, having since said that story was not as strong as the finished product, and Farrow took it to the New Yorker.

Bloom was also working to kill stories about her client Roy Price at this time as well, the disgraced Amazon executive who has since been ousted from the company.  


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