Locals speak out after suspected ‘human remains’ found at construction site

Suspected human remains have been located on a building site on Sydney’s northern beaches.

A NSW Police spokesman said officers attended a construction site on South Creek Road, Cromer, about 10.45am on Wednesday and several bones were excavated.

‘The bones have been taken for forensic examination to determine if they are human,’ the spokesman said. ‘Inquiries continue.’ 

Sources told Daily Mail Australia that police had asked local residents not to discuss the discovery and that workers had been told not to return to the site.

Locals had heard a skull was among the bones found during a building renovation, and the remains indicated evidence of a homicide.

Police outside a construction site on South Creek Rd, Cromer, on Wednesday night

The victims of several notorious missing persons cases were last known to have been seen in the northern beaches area.

Mother-of-two Lynette Simms vanished without trace from the Bayview home she shared with husband Chris Dawson in January 1982.

Cromer is about 12km south of Bayview and 13km south of Newport, from where 18-year-old Trudie Adams disappeared in February 1978.

There is no indication at this stage the bones could belong to Ms Simms or Ms Adams.

Chris Dawson was found guilty of murdering his wife in August 2022 and jailed for a minimum 18 years.

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