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Londis shoppers to boycott store which charged £3 for loaf of bread

A supermarket has been slammed by customers for forcing customers to pay £3 for a loaf of bread as the nation was ravaged by snow.

Shoppers at a Londis shop in Newport, Wales are now demanding a boycott of the store after it charged double for the family staple.

They branded it ‘unbelievably disgusting behaviour’ and ‘daylight robbery’ as they took to social media to blast the sky high prices.

The Londis Store in Bassaleg Road, Newport, Wales which charged £3 for a loaf of bread

One tweet showed a copy of a receipt from the shop, which reveals how the customer paid £6 for two loaves of Hovis.

But the shop, On Bassaleg Road, defended its actions by saying it had to cover costs after paying extra to suppliers, and said it stayed open for 17 hours during the bad weather that wreaked havoc across Britain.

Writing on the shop’s Facebook page, Sarah Lewis said: ‘Three pound for one loaf of bread, talk about kicking people when they are down and lining your pockets.

‘There are people out there trying to help others doing good deeds for people in need and you think of your bank balance. Certainly won’t use your store ever again.’

Paul Jones added: ‘Charging £3 for a loaf of bread. What an absolute liberty.

A receipt from the shop posted by a local councillor that showed how one customer was charged £6 for two loaves of bread

A receipt from the shop posted by a local councillor that showed how one customer was charged £6 for two loaves of bread

‘You are praying on the vulnerable who can’t get out. Absolute joke of a shop.’

Sarah Nurden wrote: ‘If I could score zero then that’s what you would get. Hang your head in shame, the price is why you still have bread when every other shop has sold out.

‘Hope it doesn’t get sold and you’re left with it. Shame on you.’ 

And Kelly Jones said: ‘I have never used your shop and never will. Absolute daylight robbery charging £3 for a loaf of bread.

‘You have every day people out there going above and beyond for workers and the vulnerable people of our communities then there are people like you taking full advantage of your community by charging ridiculous prices for items people have struggled to get.

‘You should be ashamed of yourselves.’

Newport councillor Stephen Marshall said he had been told by locals that the store was charging £3 for a loaf.

He said: ‘Looking at the situation as a ward representative, I am looking to seek clarification from Londis that they accept this and at a time of need for their customers.’

A spokesman for the Londis management told  The South Wales Argus that their usual delivery had not shown up, and in an effort to provide customers with bread they had gone to another supplier who had charged them more.

The spokesman told the paper: ‘They didn’t charge us a regular price because we are not one of their regular customers.

‘So we had to sell it for more than we normally would because we paid more than we normally would.’

He added: ‘We don’t want to upset our customers so we put it down to £2. 

‘If you’re not happy with the price you don’t have to pay it.

‘We are a business, not a charity. We didn’t do it to rip people off or con them.’