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London driver throws paint and eggs at ‘badly parked’ Lexus

Bit of an overreaction! Furious driver slaps an angry note on a Lexus slamming the owner for parking in the middle of a two-car space – then plasters the car in white PAINT and EGGS

  • Frustrated motorist branded ‘psycho’ for raging at ‘sh*t parking’ in west London 
  • Alasdair Duncan, 48, spotted the vandalism while he was on his way to work  
  • The support worker slammed the overreaction but agreed it was ‘sh*t parking’ 

A furious driver slapped an angry note on a Lexus, slamming its owners parking before plastering it with white paint and egg. 

The frustrated motorist has been branded a ‘psycho’ after raging against the ‘sh*t parking’.

Alasdair Duncan was on his way to work on Monday morning in Ladbroke Grove, west London, when he spotted the parked car with wet paint covering the passenger door and splashed over the bonnet and wing.

A frustrated driver was branded a psycho after leaving an angry note on this car, which was found covered in paint in West London 

Egg shell is pictured next to the angry note in West London, left by a frustrated motorist

Egg shell is pictured next to the angry note in West London, left by a frustrated motorist

The car, which was parked with roughly a four-foot behind it, also had an angry note stuck to its bonnet that demanded ‘consider others when you park!’ – as well as being littered with egg shells.

The 48-year-old support worker slammed the shocking antics as an ‘overreaction’ to what he agreed was ‘sh*t parking’ and believes he just missed the angry motorist because the paint was still wet.

Dad-of-one Alasdair, from Lewisham, London, said: ‘Even if he was parked like that it obviously doesn’t justify in any way that [reaction].

‘It’s an overreaction but an overreaction to what? But it’s a bit nuts, isn’t it? Somebody is not very settled in themselves. It’s a weird thing.

‘Perhaps they know the person, perhaps there’s some history. You don’t know if it’s the same person who left the note who [threw the paint] although we presume [it was].

‘The paint was wet when I saw it, so I guess it was a fresh action. The paint had no sign of drying.

‘There was a bit of space behind where he was parked and he was parked in a way that perhaps if he’d been further back another person could have been there.

‘As lots of people said on my post, you could have easily had a motorbike or two [behind the car] and you get delivery drivers all the time.

‘Obviously car drivers [reacting to the post] are thinking “oh my god, what if it were me” and other people seem to be very happy and gleeful and enjoying the spectacle of it.

‘I’m guessing it’s a water-based paint because it wasn’t super smelly. It’s possible that it had been there for just a couple of minutes.’

When Alasdair walked past again at about 1pm, the car was still there with no owner in sight.

The 48-year-old then posted it to Facebook the same day with the comment ‘shit parking in Ladbroke Grove gets paint splurge’ only for people to start speculating on what could have happened.

Alasdair’s post has since racked up more than 335 comments and 20 shares with one person even branding the vandal a ‘psychotic painter’.

Andrew Pearson said: ‘What is the issue here? Parking four feet into the bay? For f***’s sake.

Aleksandra Stachowska said: ‘What a c*** you need to be to do that. Get the CCTV and make them pay for the damage.’

Connor Burden said: ‘I hope the paint thrower gets incurable piles for being an absolute c***.’

Adam Deacon said: ‘Slightly over the top reaction, even the note would be let alone the paint!’

Neil Williams said: ‘I’m not sure bad parking justifies criminal damage!’

Richard Perry said: ‘Maybe there was a motorcycle or another vehicle parked in one of the smaller spaces and has since moved!’

Márton Klecska said: ‘Maybe he is just another a**hole. I got like a £300 fine already due to people who cannot park or ignores signs.’

Laurence Norman said: ‘I once parked behind a motorcycle just as you say. I had a stroppy note and a keyed car on my return.’

Laurence Norman said: ‘I know selfish parkers are frustrating but you really never know the full story. Unless you watch it. And even then you still don’t know.’

Mark White said: ‘Who carries paint around with them? Just in case?’

Alan Hutton said: ‘Little bit of an overreaction. But people do get emotive over parking.’

Mark Earl said: ‘I’m struggling to work out what is wrong with his/her parking. There could easily have been a motorbike parked in the space behind when he/she parked which left before the psychotic painter vandalised the car..’

Darren Edwards said: ‘Nothing wrong with that parking. I always give myself room behind as some idiot will think it’s funny parking on my front bumper..’



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