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London kidnapper jailed after police find woman in his car

  • Shafak Abbas was questioned by police as he sat in his car in east London
  • He admitted that he did not have insurance but was acting suspiciously
  • Police searched the vehicle and found a woman, 26, crying in the boot
  • Officers also found a BB gun in the footwell and Abbas was arrested 

Kidnapper: Shafak Abbas has been jailed

A kidnapper has been jailed after police stopped him for driving while disqualified and found a crying woman in the boot of his car.

Shafak Abbas was approached by specialist firearms officers as he sat in his gold Mercedes on a residential street in east London.

When questioned the driver admitted that he was not insured for his vehicle but police grew suspicious about his behaviour and decided to search the car.

Abbas then told them that a 26-year-old woman, who was known to him, was locked in the boot.

Officers opened the boot and found the distressed victim inside crying.

Footage captured on a body-camera worn by one of the officers also shows the discovery of a BB gun in the car’s footwell.

Abbas was arrested at the scene in April and later charged with kidnap, driving whilst disqualified, no insurance and possession of a firearm.

But despite the whole encounter being caught on camera the defendant denied the kidnap in court.

The footage shown to the jury also captured Abbas’s admission to driving while disqualified and being in possession of a firearm. 

He was handed a 15-month prison sentence yesterday following a four-day trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Body-camera footage shows the moment police officers found a BB gun in the car's footwell

Body-camera footage shows the moment police officers found a BB gun in the car’s footwell

Abbas, of Bethnal Green, east London, had already been disqualified from driving for two years by Brighton Magistrates’ Court in June 2016. He has further been disqualified from driving until June 2021.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Chris Bailey, said: ‘Body Worn Video evidence has greatly assisted us in securing this conviction. 

‘We will not tolerate violence and will do everything in our power to secure a prosecution and to ensure that justice is done.’