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London man taught driver who stole his space a lesson

  • Facebook user Goalnado revealed how they enacted revenge on car space thief 
  • After ten days of having their paid-for space pinched by a mystery driver, they decided to block them in using their brother’s car – and then called the police 
  • Goalnado shared the tale of retribution on social media and it’s since gone viral 
  • They admitted that the sight of man being fined left them ‘crying with laughter’

A driver has revealed how they became so enraged by a car park space thief that they plotted – and then enacted – the perfect revenge.

Facebook user, Goalnado, from North London, shared a post detailing just how they’d put a stop to a cheeky male driver stealing a paid-for spot.

Revealing that the imposter began using the private eight-car lot ‘seven weeks ago’, Goalnado initially took the obvious course of action, leaving notes explaining that the space was paid for and asking the driver to permanently vacate. 


Best served cold…or blocked in! A Facebook user revealed how they’d sought revenge against a car space thief who ignored notes to move

Facebook user Goalnade shared their tale of car parking wars - and the post has since gone viral as people enjoy the 

Facebook user Goalnade shared their tale of car parking wars – and the post has since gone viral as people enjoy the 

When the space-taker ignored the requests, leaving the notes crumpled on the floor, Goalnado became increasingly agitated and hatched a plan. 

When another space came free, they parked their own car there…and then used their brother’s vehicle to block the offending car in.

And, of course, promptly called parking officials from the company overseeing the private car park and asked them to issue a fine.

Detailing that the plan had worked a dream, Goalnado wrote that they arrived at work to find an extremely irate, sweaty man being chastised by a car park warden.  

Watching as a bystander, Goalnado didn’t engage with the man but admits they were left ‘crying with laughter’ at the sight of the offender being brought to justice with a £100 fine.

The icing on the cake, according to the Facebook user, was the traffic warden asking whether they knew who his brother’s car belonged to. 

Goalnado, clearly delighted with the outcome, admits he told the warden he didn’t have a clue.


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