London media agency OMD shuts its doors as staff member is being tested for coronavirus

Coronavirus panic forces London advertising agency OMD to close as worker returns from Australia with flu-like symptoms

  • Employee had returned to the UK after being on a business trip in Australia
  • Returned and shown flu like symptoms after catching a connection in Singapore 
  • Those working at the Fitzrovia office have been told to work from home  

A media agency in London has temporarily shut its doors for business after a staff member returned from international travel via Singapore and is now being tested for coronavirus.

OMD UK has closed its office in Fitzrovia and has sent staff members home and is set to reopen on Monday.

Security is on patrol around the building and there is currently a sign on the door stating it is close.

OMD UK is part of Omnicom Media Group (OMG) and a spokesperson for the firm said the employee in question had been on business in Australia. 

OMD UK has closed its office in Fitzrovia (above) and has sent staff members home and is set to reopen on Monday

As a precaution the company has asked all staff to work from home.

Speaking to the MailOnline a spokesperson said: Earlier today, we became aware of an employee showing flu like symptoms, who had returned a few days ago from a trip to Australia with a flight connection through Singapore. 

‘As a precautionary measure, and until definitive results of the employee’s coronavirus test is confirmed, we are asking OMG employees at our Fitzrovia offices to immediately work from home. 

‘OMG UK employees have been informed that, whilst the risk of the test being positive is minimal, every precaution is being taken to protect their health and wellbeing.

‘We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidance provided from the Government and expect to reopen these offices on Monday pending the results’. 

It comes as Easter holiday plans of millions of Brits have been thrown into chaos as the killer coronavirus grips Europe.

Cases have been recorded in Austria, Spain, Greece and France, as well as a host of European countries – while Italy has been particularly ravaged, with nearly 400 infected and 12 dead. 

Holidaymakers have been left in a panic over the spread of the virus, with many reluctant to go ahead with their bookings.

British Airways is now offering a change of date to passengers heading to northern Italy in the next week. 

They will be able to rebook their flights to any date up till March 31. 

The rebooking applies to passengers heading to Milan, Turin, Bologna, Venice, Bergamo and Verona.