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Looking to Grow Your Business? Start With Your Financial Systems

As businesses grow there is a necessity to look at legacy processes, systems and structures to make sure that your business is set up for successful growth. Many businesses have made the mistake of growing before they are ready. Without the right systems and strategies in place, rapid growth can cause genuine issues for any business. It can be hard with all of that in mind to work out where to start when you are looking to grow your business. A great place to start is with your financial systems and here is why.

Enabled for growth

One of the biggest challenges when looking to grow your business will be enabling your systems and processes for growth. Arguably one of the toughest systems to enable for growth is your financial systems. After all, growing usually means taking on more load from a financial perspective. To enable your financial systems for growth, consider outsourcing your payroll management services. As your business grows, so will your employee base, which places additional load and stress on your payroll function. Instead of allowing employees to feel stressed or at a worst-case experience a delay in their pay, outsource this critical function to an expert. An expert payroll management service can take that burden from your business and allow you to focus on the other operational pillars you are looking to grow.

Insights for strategy

Growing your business is all about making the right decisions across all functional areas of your operation. Making those decisions in isolation and without genuine business insights is a dangerous game. Instead, start with your financial system and make sure you are getting the most accurate and up to date reporting you can. Look for trends that come from your financial reporting to identify key insights or areas that present an opportunity for growth. Basing your growth strategies on your financial data will help ground these strategies in real insights that the market is providing, not anecdotal customer or staff feedback on the best places to grow.

Optimise your efficiency

Financial systems are not just for tracking incomings and outgoings in terms of cash. Growing your business is about optimising across all areas of your business, including staff output. A great place to start is with your time and attendance systems. Making sure staff are giving you the maximum output from the time that they are at work is crucial to successfully grow any business. Time and attendance aren’t about micro-management, it’s about identifying areas for improvement in efficiency or identifying staff mixes that are working well. Growing your business is all about arming yourself with the most accurate and up to date data that you can, to make key business decisions. Time and attendance systems will give you a chance to make informed decisions about where your business can drive greater efficiency.

Capacity to collect

As your business grows, the assumption is that there will be more business, customer or invoices to manage. In order to successfully grow your business, make sure your invoicing system is capable of taking on more load. The last thing you want to experience is a maxing out of your business’ storage or processing capabilities. Being unable to invoice will make growing your business very difficult, so make sure your current systems and platforms for collecting revenue are capable of growth.

Growing your business is an exciting time, but knowing where to focus effort and input can be tough. A great place to start is your financial systems, as it is those financial systems that will likely indicate whether the growth is going to plan or not.