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Love Island 2021: Brad and Lucinda are in danger of being DUMPED from the villa

Love Island 2021: Brad and Lucinda are in danger of being DUMPED from the villa… and THEY have to decide who goes

Lucinda Strafford and Brad McClelland are in danger of being dumped from Love Island.

The couple received the least number of votes from the public and they face an agonising decision as they must choose between themselves who will go home.

They were informed of the news at the end of Tuesday’s show, leaving the episode to finish on a cliffhanger.

Love Island 2021: Brad and Lucinda are in danger of being dumped from the villa… and they have to decide who goes

The shock news came after the couple had earlier enjoyed a romantic date, where they admitted that they were developing feelings for each other.

Lucinda asked: ‘How are you feeling? Are you happy you’re coupled up with me?’

Brad responded: ‘I’ve been in there two weeks and been sharing a room with everyone, and I was just lying there thinking, ‘I’m here with everyone but I’m in here with no-one’ and then you came in and straight away….’

Complimenting Brad, Lucinda said: ‘I do think your eyes are your best feature.’

Brad said: ‘That’s why I’m wearing blue, it brings out my eyes!’

As she queried whether his head could be turned Brad assured: ‘Are you asking if my head would be turned? At the minute, the level of attraction is ridiculous and so far the more I’m getting to know you, everything is taking off for me.’

Yet after the fun and frolics of the day, the Islanders were left bewildered when Liam Reardon received a a text reading: ‘Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately.’

Liberty Poole then read a message: ‘Islanders. The public have been voting for the couple that they think is the most compatible. Those with the fewest votes risk being dumped tonight. Please all stand up.’

The Islanders received more texts which revealed the couples who’d received the most votes from the public, and are therefore safe.  

Meanwhile, Brad and Lucinda were also involved in some drama on Monday’s episode, when Rachel Finni was dumped from the villa in a shock recoupling.

The 29-year-old travel agent became the third contestant to leave the show – following in the footsteps of Chuggs Wallis and Shannon Singh – as she was dumped by Brad, 25.

Rachel lashed out at Brad after the eviction calling him fake and claiming she should have chosen Chuggs over him last week when she had the chance.

She fumed: “I was stupid enough to fall for Brad’s graft, because it wasn’t genuine. Chuggs would have actually made the effort to get to know me. I went for Brad because he was more physically attractive.”

The recoupling saw Brad choose Lucinda over Rachel, who he had been coupled up with.

Brad previously admitted to Lucinda that he wasn’t really interested in Rachel, even though he chatted up Rachel in order to keep his place in the villa last week.