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Loyalty program, tournaments, and key terms in the online gambling market

Online casinos are trying to compete in terms of the demand with bookmakers. To keep the popularity of poker, roulette, baccarat, and other gambling classics growing, platforms like n1casino live games, offer their users a wide range of promotional offers.

Both new users and regular customers are rewarded at the casino. In this article, let us discuss how to get such rewards as gift money and free spins on slot machines from gambling services.

Types of bonuses

Almost every online casino offers bonuses for registration and deposit. New gamblers are invited to create an account and activate a deposit. Then, they receive money, free spins, or all at once. Active users are also rewarded with deposit promotions called reload bonuses.

For example, N1 Casino offers loyal customers to deposit on Mondays and Fridays and receive bonus money and free spins on promotional days.

Also, all categories of players are quite often encouraged by cashback – a refund of some of the money lost. Cashback can be in the form of funds or, again, free spins.

The most popular bonuses also include various gifts to celebrate significant events, such as the birthday of the gambler, such holidays as Christmas or New Year, the gambler reaches a significant total amount of deposits, and others.

There are also promotional offers that not all online casinos have. The presence of these bonuses indicates the success of the platform, which can not be achieved without honest work and reliability.

Loyalty program

All users can take part in the loyalty program, but only active gamblers who are willing to play and perform transactions with deposited funds will be able to benefit almost daily.

As part of the loyalty program, casino customers accumulate loyalty points. These points are credited for such activities as regular bets, deposits, participation in tournaments, draws, and, of course, wins. The more promotional points players earn within the frame of a loyalty program, the more rewards the casino will give them. The most common benefits include:

  • a personal manager who will help gamblers find a way out of any unclear situation in a timely manner;
  • faster, top priority withdrawal of winnings;
  • increased withdrawal limit. For example, users of the online casino N1 can withdraw no more than $1,000 per day, up to $5,000 per week, and up to $15,000 per month. Participation in the loyalty program may increase these limits;
  • more favorable cashback. For example, the casino gives a cashback of 10%, but no more than $1,000. Participation in the loyalty program may increase the threshold amount;
  • more lucrative personal bonuses. For example, a regular user who has a birthday gets 50 free spins, while a loyalty program member is rewarded with 100 free spins on the occasion of birthday;
  • tickets for raffles and lotteries. Regular players have to win tickets to the draws, while VIP-users get them absolutely free of charge;
  • better exchange rate of promotional points for real money or free spins.

It is noteworthy that promotion points do not accumulate all the time. A certain period passes, for example, a month, after that the points are reduced to zero. As a result, to maintain the VIP status, gamblers need to be very active all the time.

Tournaments: Depending on the scale of the tournament, participants can compete for traditional casino prizes such as cash and free spins, as well as exclusive gifts like a car. Users can find out about the next tournament in the same-name section on the official website or in the mobile casino app.

Usually, each tournament has its own theme, and games are played on certain slots. Also, these gambling entertainments have different time frames – day, week, month, etc.

As part of the tournament games, participants accumulate points, the amount of which will determine the winner with the prizewinners.

Competitions: Often contests reward users’ activity outside of the casino. For example, gambling services like to encourage streamers who advertise casinos in their broadcasts.

Separate tournaments are often held between this category of internet users in order to popularize the establishment. Ordinary gamblers can take part in the competition, leaving a positive review about the casino, for example, on the thematic forum.

Lotteries: Raffle tickets are often awarded for successful play or frequent deposits. The casino announces the date of the draw in advance and the prizes at stake. The luckiest gamblers may win prizes of the scale of a car or an apartment. In parallel, many participants in the lottery are rewarded with real money without wagering and free spins.

Key gambling terms

There are many terms used by online casinos that a new gambler can easily become confused with. One of the most common words in this market is a wager. This term refers to how many times the bonus money has to be used in order to win them back.

For example, a newcomer to the casino received a welcome bonus of 100 euros with a wager of x30. To have the gift money transferred to the main deposit, the gambler needs to scroll through their face value on a gambling game 30 times. That is, the user needs to play for 3,000 euros.

Continuing the theme of bonuses, it is appropriate to explain what is the wagering period. This term in gambling refers to the number of days set to wager bonus.

The betting limit is a limit on the bet per spin. For example, a casino client cannot deposit more than 5 euros per spin.

Limit on winnings – the maximum amount that a player can withdraw from the deposit per day/week/month.

Contribution – the degree of wager coverage by the game. In simple words, a 100% contribution means that every euro used will be won back. With 1% contribution – 100 euros used will bring back only one euro.

Information of bonuses offered by the online casinos is in the public domain, so users can explore them on the official website of the establishment without registration.