Lyft passenger threatens to crush driver’s skull after he asks him to wear a mask

A white man has been banned from Lyft after launching into a racist rant when the Hispanic driver asked him if he could wear a face mask. 

A dashboard camera in the car shows the passenger, who gave his name as Richard, threatening to crush the driver’s skull.

He calls the driver, who gave his name as Edgar, as ‘a f****** wet back’ and refers to him repeatedly as ‘boy’.

‘I’m an American, mother f*****,’ Richard tells the driver, who remains remarkably calm during the six-minute encounter.

Richard was picked up in Reno, Nevada by Lyft driver Edgar, who asked him to wear a mask

The incident began on May 28, when Edgar arrived at 6pm to collect Richard in Reno, Nevada, and take him home. 

‘By any chance do you have a mask?’ asked Edgar, when Richard got in the car.

‘No I don’t,’ replied Richard.

‘Do you mind to put your shirt on top, here?’ said Edgar, gesturing to show the covering of the nose and mouth with his t-shirt. ‘I would really appreciate it.’

‘No, I can’t,’ said Richard. ‘Do you believe in that s***?’

Edgar said he knew that the threat from COVID-19 was real because a relative had fallen ill.

Richard remained unconvinced, telling Edgar: ‘I don’t believe in our government, so…. OK. I’m sorry I don’t have a mask. I’ve never heard of being asked that.’

‘Well, it’s because we’re really close right here in the car,’ the driver replied.

When Edgar’s GPS tells him to take the freeway, Richard announces: ‘I don’t like you. You ask me to wear a mask – I’m going to give you a s***** review.’

Edgar, having had enough, pulls over and tells Richard: ‘You know what, you can get out right now.’

Richard refused.

Richard grew increasingly irate and began throwing racial slurs at Edgar, mocking his accent

Richard grew increasingly irate and began throwing racial slurs at Edgar, mocking his accent

‘I’m not getting out right now,’ he said. ‘I have a contact with you, and a ride with you. 

‘The contact does not end. You can’t do that. 

‘I told you I don’t like your standards. I’m entitled to free speech. You cannot cancel the contract for that.’

Edgar replied that it was his car, and he wanted Richard to get out right now. 

Richard, growing increasingly furious, called him ‘a candy-assed f***** with white glasses.’

‘I’m could f****** crush your skull right now,’ Richard said, leaving Edgar to calmly remind him that he was being filmed by the dashboard camera. 

‘I’m not going to do that because I’m not an idiot,’ Richard retorted. 

The pair argued about whether the car ride is canceled, or finished, and how much Richard will be charged. 

‘Get out the car? How about a please, boy?’ Richard says at one point.

After four and a half minutes, the driver said: ‘Now, please get out, or else I’m going to have to call the police.’ 

Richard then mocks his accent, saying: ‘You got “bideo”? You ever take English class?’

Edgar asks in return if the portly man ‘takes model class’. 

Richard asked the driver where he’s from.

‘I’m from here,’ Edgar replied.

‘No you’re not,’ said Richard. ‘You’re a f****** wet back.’

Edgar, remaining remarkably calm, insisted that Richard leave the car after becoming abusive

Edgar, remaining remarkably calm, insisted that Richard leave the car after becoming abusive

Lyft have described Richard's behavior as 'despicable' and banned him from their app

Lyft have described Richard’s behavior as ‘despicable’ and banned him from their app

The driver, remaining remarkably calm, asks Richard: ‘And you are?’

‘I’m an American, mother f*****,’ he replies. ‘Fought for this country three times in the goddamned war.’

‘I’m an American too,’ Edgar points out.

‘No you’re not. You don’t speak English,’ said Richard.

Six minutes after getting into the car, Richard finally gets out, and the driver pulls away. 

Lyft say that the rider has been banned and they are working with the driver to make sure he’s alright. 

A spokesman told TMZ: ‘The behavior shown by the rider in this video is despicable and has no place on the Lyft platform. 

‘Lyft is committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community, and discrimination is not tolerated.’