Macca’s brawl: McDonald’s reveal what happened before wild food fight in Sydney’s Wynyard station

A wild brawl at an inner-city McDonald’s allegedly erupted after a teen sneaked behind the counter to confront staff, Macca’s bosses have revealed.

Macca’s staff and the youth chucked food and drinks at one another in Wynyard Station McDonald’s in central Sydney at 1am on Thursday.

Footage shows a staff member throwing a milkshake in the face of the teenage boy before he retaliates and hurls chips, soft drinks and other items.

But on Tuesday, McDonald’s told Daily Mail Australia the explosive video only told half the story.

‘What is not shown is the customer earlier entering the restaurant and going behind the counter to disrupt the kitchen and threaten crew,’ said a company spokesman.

But the fast food giant said workers’ furious reaction broke company rules and they would now be under investigation.

‘The behaviour of our employees in this video is not in accordance with our policies, and we are looking into this with the restaurant,’ the spokesman added.

The customer was hit by a drink thrown by one of the staff members (pictured)

‘The health and safety of our people and customers is our top priority.

‘Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated in our restaurants and we expect our people to be treated with respect at all times.

‘We will always do our best for our customers, but we won’t accept abuse, intimidation, threats or violence towards our employees.

‘Police were called to assist, and we are supporting employees involved.’

Two teenagers, aged 17 and 15, have since been arrested for assaulting a 23-year-old McDonald’s employee and were dealt with under the Young Offenders Act. 

The young man, who is wearing a grey shorts, a pink hoodie and a cap, can be seen standing at the counter before a member of staff side blinds him with the drink in thrown in his face.

He recoils in surprise and slips backwards on the spilled drink before he returns to the counter and starts launching items at the staff, in the process appearing to break one of their point of sale machines.

Screams and laughter can be heard from other customers as the man then shouts ‘P***y’ at the workers. 

A member of staff then launches a well-aimed drink straight at his face and the customer retaliates by spraying the cowering staff with chips and drinks that are waiting behind the counter. 

He then walks backwards out of the fast food restaurant and turns to smile at the camera. 

The video, which was originally shared by the Brown Cardigan Instagram page, attracted hundreds of comments, with many condemning the customer’s actions. 

‘Shame on this guy!’, wrote one. 

‘Let’s remember most of the people working at Maccas are teenagers or people on student visas.’

The individual slipped and fell on the thrown drink before rising to his feet to hurl food and drink back

The individual slipped and fell on the thrown drink before rising to his feet to hurl food and drink back 

The incident took place Wynyard Station McDonald's (pictured) in inner-city Sydney in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The incident took place Wynyard Station McDonald’s (pictured) in inner-city Sydney in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Others saw the funny side.

‘That first drink to the face then slipping in it combo was DEVASTATING,’ wrote one.

‘There was no recovery from that. Winner: employee.’

Another quipped: ‘Not Happy Meal.’

Police confirmed the incident and added: ‘About 1am on Thursday, police were called to a restaurant in Wynyard following reports of a malicious damage incident.

‘On arrival, officers attached to Sydney City Police Area Command were told an employee of the restaurant – a 23-year-old man – had been assaulted.

‘A short time later, police arrested two males aged 17 and 15 on George Street, Sydney.

‘Both teenagers were taken to Day Street Police Station where they were dealt with the Young Offenders Act.’