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MAFS: Ines Basic cries, says she is cursed by a demon and calls police

Fears for Married At First Sight’s Ines Basic as she breaks down and says she has been cursed by a DEMON – before vowing to ‘press charges’ against the person who put a hex on her

Former Married At First Sight star Ines Basic has sparked concern for her welfare after breaking down in tears and rambling about ‘demons’ in a series of worrying Instagram posts on Thursday.

The influencer, 31, explained she’d had a restless night due to sleep paralysis hours after learning via her lawyer something false and hurtful had been published about her online.

While Ines did not specify what the claims were, she said it was suspicious she was having sleep disturbances so soon after they were published and suspected witchcraft was involved.

Fears: MAFS Australia star Ines Basic has sparked concern for her welfare after breaking down in tears and rambling about ‘demons’ in a series of worrying Instagram posts on Thursday

Less than an hour later, the ‘scared’ reality star then filmed herself crying as she said police were involved and she was going to ‘press charges on this person’.

She began her series of Instagram Stories filming herself in bed complaining about her sleep paralysis, an often frightening condition when a person is temporarily unable to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking.

She then connected her poor sleep to a dispute she was having with a unnamed person – possibly a journalist or social media user – who she alleged had published a ‘really f**king weird’ article about her. 


Sleep paralysis is the temporary inability to move or speak when you are waking up or falling asleep.

It is not harmful and usually passes within minutes or even seconds, but can still be distressing.

Most people experience sleep paralysis once or twice in their lives. Around seven per cent suffer regularly. 

Other symptoms may include sufferers feeling like their chest is being crushed, only being able to move their eyes or like someone is watching them and even wants to hurt them.

Sleep paralysis occurs when parts of the rapid eye movement stage of sleep takes place while a person is awake.

REM is when dreams occur and the brain is very active but the body is unable to move apart from the eyes and the muscles used in breathing. 

This is thought to stop a person acting out their dreams and hurting themselves. 

REM can occur while a person is awake if they are sleep deprived or jet lagged. It is also associated with sleeping on your back and can run in families. 

People see should their GP if this occurs often or makes them anxious to nod off.

Treatment focuses on creating a relaxing sleep environment. Antidepressants may also be prescribed to help alter REM sleep.

Source: NHS Choices 

‘If I had a f**king dollar for every time I had to have a legal f**king dispute with some c**t I wouldn’t leave my lawyer’s office,’ she began.

‘But I reckon it’s a bit coincidental that someone wrote this really f**king weird – like weird, I don’t even know how their brain went there – so weird article about me, and it’s just a bit coincidental that right now I’m getting these weird as f**k sleep disturbances, hey.

‘Like, if I ever see this person who wrote this about me I’m f**king calling the cops, man, or something. Like, I reckon they’ve sent me some really f**king dark, demonic shit.

‘Has anyone had sleep paralysis before? I’m so scared. I think someone’s put a hex on me or sent me some really dark energy.’

After accusing the person of cursing her with a demonic hex, things took a worrying term when she moved to another room and broke down in tears.

‘I am so scared, like so scared,’ she wept.

‘I have to go to the police now to press charges on this person. Oh my god, this is so scary, like what is wrong with these people? Like, I’m literally so f**king scared of them. Oh my god.’

Ines shared an updated 10 hours later, telling fans she’d spoken to police and would be taking ‘some time off online’.

‘Thanks everyone for your messages and concerns,’ she wrote.

‘I am yet to read and respond to them as I am very, very tired. After speaking with the police I ended up collapsing and being taken to hospital for exhaustion and distress.

‘For now I will be taking some time offline and resting. Thank you again.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ines Basic for comment.

Ines was known for her chaotic and unpredictable behaviour on MAFS Australia in 2019, which often confused her ‘husband’ Bronson Norrish.

The former legal secretary is now a professional OnlyFans model.