Magda Szubanski defends her attack on Jenny Morrison and brands her as ‘fair game’ for scrutiny

TV star Magda Szubanski defends her controversial attack on Jenny Morrison saying she ‘didn’t recognise the PM’s wife without make-up’ but brands her ‘fair game’ and ScoMo the ‘master of spin’

Magda Szubanski has defended her attack on Scott Morrison’s wife as she unleashed another swipe at the Prime Minister.

The television personality and comedian landed herself in hot water on the weekend after she retweeted a photo of Jenny Morrison in a high-neck black dress as she watched her husband sign a condolence book for the late Prince Philip.

She compared Australia’s First Lady as a character from dystopian TV series The Handmaid’s Tale.

Szubanski appeared on A Current Affair on Wednesday night to address the saga and says she’s doing ‘okay’ in the wake of the backlash.

‘I genuinely, when I first saw, did not realise it was Jenny Morrison, because it looks different for her – she normally has her hair and make-up and the whole thing, and if people can believe me, I’d take a lie detector if they don’t, I didn’t realise it was her,’ Szubanski told host Tracy Grimshaw.

‘I just that it was a strange PR or photograph, and all in suggesting is with that comment in suggesting is with that comment Scott Morrison is the master of spin. Why would you put something that looks like ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ out as a photo op? Scott Morrison is the master of spin.’

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