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Magnetic safety stirrups are the newest equestrian tech

Equestrianism or horse riding is one of the most popular sports and a part of the lifestyle in countries like the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe. There are three events of horse riding like cross country, dressage and showjumping in Olympic.

Besides Olympic, there are many local and international competitions of horse riding. Moreover, Horse riding is not only a competition but also a means of return to nature and relaxation. It has several benefits like physical health, socialization, transportation, love, and the human-animal bond. It can be an outstanding career also.

However, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge and safety tools there is always a chance of getting an injury from horse riding. So, safety and knowledge of maintaining control are one of the vital tasks in horse riding. In case of safety, there is one of the most important tools namely safety stirrups must be needed for horse riding. In this article, we’ll know about the magnetic safety stirrups.

There are several types of safety stirrups you can find in the market. But the magnetic safety stirrups are the newest equestrian tech in the market. If you find info about these stirrups online, you can see many manufacturers. But the best magnetic safety stirrups manufactured by Ophena and no one else has this kind of stirrups. They are used by horseback riders when they do showjumping and dressage.

They have a magnetic connection that keeps the rider’s boot attached to the stirrups. The best thing about these stirrups is that if the rider falls off the horse, their foot will not get stuck in the stirrups and the rider won’t get dragged behind the horse. If you Google “best safety stirrups” you can find other types of stirrups as well and possibly do a bit of a comparison.

Your safety is the first priority of Ophena. They know there are many riders who use traditional stirrups or they have no sufficient knowledge of using their safety stirrups were severely injured. So, finally, they decided to buy a magnetic safety stirrup of Ophena. Ophena makes one side stirrups to minimize your risk of getting caught. To avoid losing the stirrup, they added an advanced magnetics system to support your feet and improve the connection between your boots and stirrups. Finally, they added some additional outer support on the open side to keep you safe in the unlikely case you should slip. And don’t worry about a chance of injury, the magnetic connection is so strong that it will be caught you hardly as well as certainly release you in case of a fall.

There is a simple mechanism of using this magnetic safety stirrups i.e you just simply slide the insoles into your riding boots and are ready to go. The advanced magnetic system making a connection between the stirrups and the magnetic insoles, which come with their magnetic stirrups. The advanced magnetic system consists of great theory i.e several finely attuned magnets and steel plates, which generate two contrary fields between your boots and the stirrups and this theory works better in practice.

Ophena’s Smart Attach™ system gives extra service of quickly attaching and detaching of this stirrups. You can easily slide the metal buckle through an opening in the arms. Suddenly mounting becomes easy and quick. Balance is also an important task in horse riding. This magnetic safety stirrups carefully adjusted your weight and the 90 degrees twisted mounting hole works for perfectly stable your position. By good balancing of your body, it keeps you steady while riding and jumping. Finally, we can say that this magnetic safety stirrup designed and manufactured by pro riders, coaches and industry experts. So you can use it without any hesitation.


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