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Main Aspects to Consider for Cannabis Vertical Farming

Cannabis vertical farming is the type where the grower stacks marijuana in containers above each other. It is one of the most efficient ways to increase the yield in a small space and affordably maintain it. The Farm can be in a shipping container or a condo in the suburbs but the most important thing is the environment created around these plants.

This type of farming has many benefits including increased yields from a small space, efficiency in the way you produce cannabis, among others. For this reason, the grower requires to consider some aspects of this type of cannabis farming to ensure the success of your vertical farm.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about cannabis vertical farming.


The first thing that requires consideration is the space where the whole operation will be conducted. You can create this space anywhere as long as it provides ample room for the plants to grow and allows for easy maintenance.

After deciding on the space, you need to design the garden depending on the type of production you would want to use. It is crucial that you don’t forget to install enough lighting to illuminate the plants 24/7.

The farm can be fitted with an irrigation system together with a wastewater management system. This system helps prevent rot, algae, bacteria, and germs that may result from poor drainage. With limited space and shelves that are stacked well, it can help you double or even triple the production compared to horizontal farming.

Even with a small space, one can save a lot of money in rent, running expenses, and the need to buy equipment for several spaces. This means that a single small space can provide a way to save on expenses while increasing the yield extremely fast.


There are several ways one can light their plants to achieve maximum yield. The plants would require adjustable LED lighting that not only changes color but is also safe for the environment. Cannabis is a light-sensitive plant that demands adjustments in color, frequency, and light intensity.

LED grow light color has a light spectrum; blue light is ideal for the vegetative stage while red is great for the flowering stage. These colors carry different wavelengths that affect photosynthesis and general development.

LEDs are credited for their low emission and consumption of heat and energy respectively. This saves you a lot of money that can be invested back into the business.

With reliable lighting equipment, the grower can control the type of yield they want from the plant. This is because some lights affect the plants to produce different buds. The lights should also allow you to maintain the plants for maximum growth and a high-quality one.


There are different strains of marijuana available in the market today. They vary from the concentration of THC and the growing size before they are harvested.

While growing in a room using this method of farming, you should consider Indica strains or Indica-dominant hybrid strains since they tend to grow vertically. Avoid Sativa unless you have a tall establishment that can host them stacking one after the other.

The Right AC

Cannabis requires the room to have a well-conditioned air conditioner that enables the grower to create a controlled environment. This controlled environment helps marijuana grow faster, and provide the maximum yield. Ensure there is an AC system installed that provides the right air temperature for the plants.

Optimal settings would allow the plants to adapt to a set level that can be tried in different areas. This means that the plants will have consistent conditions that make the growth process faster and more efficient.

Depending on the climate of where you stay, your electricity bill will vary since the air conditioner has to perform at different rates to achieve the desired level.

Trends in Cannabis Vertical Farming

Two main trends are revolutionizing the cannabis market and making it both efficient and cost-effective. These include;

  • Hydroponics – This is where you suspend the plants in nutrients without contact with the soil. This means that the plants receive their nutrients directly without needing to be submerged in the soil. This method is used mainly due to its predictability which allows you to have an estimate of the harvest amount.
  • Aeroponic – This method eliminates solid from the equation. Although it is still growing technology, you suspend the roots and sprinkle them with nutrients. It could be revolutionary especially because of how little water the plants consume in this method.

Cannabis vertical farming is a revolutionary technique and with the growth of technology, it is becoming more common by the day. All the aspects discussed above require equal attention and action to make sure the harvest is substantial.