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Main Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows

Car window tints have undergone a lot of changes since their invention. First invented in 1966, the films started as a dye-based coating applied on car windows. However, these pioneer tints created bubbles and easily peeled off. But innovations brought better ones.

You can now readily get tints for your DYI project or hire a professional to do it. But why should you consider tinting your car? Car windows from manufacturers are missed a lot, which calls for your input to improve them.

Here are the main reasons to tint the windows.

Protection from UV rays

Sunrays cause discomfort when driving and expose you to dangerous UV rays. Unfortunately, car manufacturers don’t put in protective measures. But there are car tints that can considerably offer you protection if you use them for windshield tinting.

Note that while tinting the car, it would be best to check the tint percentage of your area of origin to avoid breaking the law.

Temperature control

Car window tints also help you control the interior’s temperature. This is because the regular glass only filters 30% of the heat.

Tinting raises this percentage to 80% since the components of the film, which include but are not limited to ceramic, polyester, or dye, block thermal energy.

As a result, your car will be comfortable to drive in even during summer while controlling fuel consumption by not using the AC.


Many times, your valuables will be inside your car. Unfortunately, the regular windows are clear enough for anyone outside to see your car’s interior. This feature can attract unwanted attention.

Thanks to tinting, you can see through it but the limited sight of prying eyes from the other side. As a result, you will enhance your privacy within the vehicle.


Accidents are prone to happen due to human or mechanical errors. In such a misfortune, the broken glasses pose a lot of danger. However, many manufacturers don’t shatterproof them, save for the windscreen.

Tinting the other glasses goes a long way in shatter proofing so that the shards won’t harm you in case of an accident.

Car interior protection

Exposure to direct sunlight immensely affects your car’s interior. Some common problems with prolonged exposure to sunlight include a faded dashboard, cracking of leather seats, and rubber weather stripping.

These damages can be costly to fix. So, tinting your car and avoiding such repair expenses would be best.

Glare reduction

Driving at sunrise or night exposes you to eternal light sources. These sources of light can make your driving uncomfortable.

But tinting solves this problem. Materials used in windshield tinting contain light-dampening anti-reflective properties that control the light. Therefore, tinting your car will make your driving comfortable and safe.

Cars are convenient to use when moving from one place to another. However, this exposes you to sunlight, prying eyes, and the dangers of light from other cars. Fortunately, tinting helps you to solve the challenges mentioned earlier.

Doing so will give you the benefits you have read in this article. However, note that it would be best if you hire a professional despite the possibility of tinting the car yourself.