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Major Benefits of Commercial Window Films For Your Business

Commercial buildings with lots of glass can be using a lot of energy for heating and cooling. By applying the correct window films, the energy bills can be reduced and the building’s comfort level improved.

Window film can cut glare, reduce UV rays that fade furniture, and provide privacy. 

Glass Films For Safety and Security

Windows on the street level might be tempting for thieves or vandals to break.

However, they can be a line of defense for the building if they have a security window film applied. There are commercial window films that prevent building windows from shattering or spreading dangerous glass shards in the building interior.

These films make windows stronger and more able to remain intact during storms or impact from accidents. People inside the building are protected from dangerous flying glass.

The films will hold the glass in place and together prevent break-ins and lessen the impact of vandalism.

Because the glass is still in one piece, the building owner has some time to get replacement windows while the building stays safe and dry. The security window tinting can also prevent people from seeing inside the building, cutting down the temptation to break in and burglarize the business.

Window Films For Energy Savings and Reducing Glare

One of the main uses for window tinting films is to save energy by reducing solar heat gain and getting rid of hot spots. Hot spots are areas of a building that are warmer than other parts of a building.

Climate and energy control will be easier, wear and tear on the HVAC system will be reduced, and the building will be more comfortable to work in. Window film has been proven to reduce solar heat gain by measurable amounts of up to 30%.

There is nothing more irritating than sun glare making it hard to work and causing eye strain. Sun glare can be blocked with drapes, but that cuts out all light. Window film eliminates glare while allowing light to come through the window.

Sun glare and ultraviolet light can fade flooring, furniture, and artwork if not controlled.

Window films can block up to 99% of ultraviolet light.

Window Films For Privacy and Decoration

Window films can protect and add a design element at the same time. Decorative window films can look like frosted glass, acid-etched glass, or sand-blasted glass. They can simulate stained glass windows or have a custom design or company logo printed on them.

A plain glass window or office wall can become a decorative element.

Frosted window films or mirrored window films can give people in ground floor spaces the privacy they want while letting in light. Interior glass walls can have custom designs added with window film to add privacy while letting light through.

Window Films Are a Good Investment

Quality window films, properly applied, will last up to 25 years, making them a good investment. Window films are less expensive than replacing older windows and provide similar energy savings.

In some municipalities and states, rebates are available for increasing energy efficiency with window films. Adding the right window films will save on energy costs and update the look of a building without the expense of replacing the existing glass.

People working in a building with a lot of glass will be more comfortable with window film added to glass walls and windows.


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