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Major Crypto Coins Rebound After a Poor Run: Time to Invest

Early November was a turning point for most crypto markets around the world as major coins took a minor hit, while this is not good news to investors, a turnaround shortly after calmed all tensions.

A sneak peek at crypto futures trading with Margex saw Bitcoin peak at $62k, a first in many months above the $60k mark. Other coins also saw rallies like those seen in Bitcoin, with ETH, the second most valuable coin, reporting highs of $4.3k

Gains in the crypto market reached the smaller, less known coins too, with DOGE and meme coins spiking to record levels in short bursts.

Is It Time To Take Advantage Of The Rally?

Outstanding performance in the market shows momentum building up — people are becoming more confident with the crypto market. The confidence will surely throw in new players in the ring; others will rethink their crypto portfolio.

Trading platforms are the heart of crypto exchanges; they offer traders interactive interfaces that highlight all changes in crypto coins in real-time. A Margex trading interface overview shows that impressive, easy-to-use features in trading platforms, like the one it offers, are cornerstones hooking people to crypto trading, rallying the markets to perform better.

Features of Mergex Trading Platform

Being the new kid on the block, Mergex has impressive features that will suit beginners’ needs, it will also appeal to the experienced minds that wish to take advantage of crypto rallies.

Experienced traders often appreciate the complex data sets in trading platforms—the charts and graphs representing these data sets. Nevertheless, Mergex caters to those new to the platform and the crypto world by presenting easy-to-follow charts and guides, making the learning curve smooth and much faster.

Leveraging is another feature in the Mergex trading terminal that makes it stand on the same level as other platforms that have dominated the market; it helps users have an advantage from their marginal position. It gives users a boost in their money. For example, a 1:100 leverage means 100 times the value of the amount deposited.

Traders also get a complete overview of the market, gaining better exposure before selling or buying. However, the feature comes with its risks, users must acquaint themselves first before hitting the buy or sell button.

Will The Crypto Rally Hold?

No, as more people looking to buy, the market will reach a period of decreasing prices, discouraging any aggressive moves.

However, some positives to take from the current rally is that the global market cap of crypto-coins has reached a staggering $2.66 trillion, according to CMC. Such increases highlight the confidence in holding digital assets going into the future.

One would think that after the action from China the other day to ban crypto trading including Bitcoin, trading volumes would go down. Current data shows an active exchange of $136.13 billion worth of crypto coins traded in the last 24 hours — Bitcoin is leading the pack in the enormous sum. The volume represents a 10 percent increase from the previous day.

The stability of crypto coins has also rebounded to an assured figure, currently at $105 billion; this will help change the minds of people doubting the stability of digital assets. The figures reaffirm that people are becoming comfortable with the idea of cryptocurrency, something that will affect future trends in the market.

On a negative note, investors of the squid game had a rough week, as the highly publicized token took a significant loss. It shed over 99.98 percent of the total value. Investors must do due diligence before settling on a digital asset to avoid such scenarios.


Bitcoin has proved resilient over the years; its performance has inspired the likes of DOGE, SHIB, and other meme coins.

Finding the best trading platform is important in getting those massive wins. However, before risking any real money, new traders must familiarize themselves with trading platforms, as any money lost will be lost forever, but any gains are for the traders to enjoy.

Trading crypto will happen for a long time into the future, and now is the time to buy.