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Major duties of a client success manager in a SaaS company

A customer success manager has a major role in a SaaS company in the present scenario. The customer success manager responsibilities begun on a simple idea to transform customer engagement from a conventional reactor to a proactive mind! But, the roles have grown. They have taken over several new responsibilities and become one of the pillars in the SaaS company. Here are some of the responsibilities of a client success manager:

  1. Customer onboarding: New client onboarding is an essential job of a customer success manager. But a CSM has to be careful while doing this. For instance, you don’t have to teach all the features of the product to the clients. You only have to explain those features which make them achieve value.

In order to get the best results, make sure you take shortest path to get ROI. It will help them acknowledge the importance of your product. A good CSM designs a strategic customer onboarding framework which makes the lives of customers simple.

  1. Account escalation: Support, red flags or reply to any alerts. It can also come from a client facing some issue or a due customer support ticket. This makes sure you can keep the fire out when it is manageable.

Also, the customer gets an idea that you are there to help them. This is helpful at the time of renewal when you can upsell to the customers to accomplish necessary objectives

  1. Renewals: Customer renewals help revenue to keep coming. It is the base of every SaaS company as majority of their income is from their existing customers. So, a client success manager should follow up monthly, quarterly renewals.
  2. Upsell campaigns: Expansion or upgrading are the major ways in which a client success manager can grow their portfolio. You can increase the lifetime value of your customer. A well-designed campaign will make the process simple. You also need good timing and an effective strategy.
  3. Customer advocacy: A customer success manager is the customer relationship owner, it means they can convert the relationship to real advocacy. It can be in any form like a survey, review, case study or referral. Referrals calls for great fiscal growth without a lot of effort. A successful relationship leads to better fiscal growth.

So, it is loud and clear that a client success manager will soon be one of the most complex roles in a SaaS company. A CSM should assess some KPIs so that they can be sure that the company is moving on the right path at the correct speed. A good CSM has a focused team who can manage the path of the company and change it as per the need of the company. They are truly responsible for the making or breaking of the company.

Hence it is essential to provide powers to the CSM so that they can make free decision without any pressure. It will allow CSM to take decision keeping the betterment of the company in mind.