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Make a Statement with Wood Resin Rings

Have you ever thought about how life would be without wood? People have been creating products from hardwood since the beginning of time, making wood a common, easily obtained, and versatile material. Wood rings are not some new-age fashion trends, they are linked to our roots. Our ancestors were dependent on wood to craft basic tools, weaponry, and yes, even jewelry.

The first ring ever made was out of wood since it was all our ancestors had when they started creating things. Early humans relied on wood for their survival and we owe our very existence to the presence of wood.

Handcrafted wood bands claim an exceptional style and natural beauty. They are not only the epitome of sustainable fashion but exude a rustic elegance that nobody can resist. As special and unique as raw wood is, its beauty is drastically enhanced when combined with other durable materials including resin, titanium, tungsten, and ceramic.

The wooden rings created out of resin tell a story just by glancing at it and are a perfect conversation starter. Keeping in mind that people wear rings every day, they must not only be pleasant on the eyes but must also show the unique taste of the person that wears it, thus wood resin rings are the perfect fit.

These resin rings can be worn on any occasion and are a perfect gift for your family, friends, and loved ones. The wood resin rings also make the perfect engagement ring, this is because today people look for alternative engagement rings. So, forget about searching for the perfect diamond ring and pop the question by presenting her with a wonderful wood resin engagement ring. Your sweetheart will surely be delighted with your unconventional approach and proudly show it off, thus making a statement.

The Characteristics of Wood Resin Rings

Highly Durable

The wood resin rings are highly durable. The resin was formerly developed as a manufacturing material and is available in both synthetic and natural formulations. Typically, the resin is the compounds in liquid form that harden under light, heat, or other setting agents. When hardened, the resin is incredibly strong and can add a translucent or opaque layer of color to the ring. Also, each ring is given multiple coats of a hybrid epoxy finish, which is completely waterproof and soap proof. However, with normal wear-and-tear from daily use, the gloss on will ultimately become scratched, but buffing wax occasionally applied will protect the ring and its shine for years.

Unique Designs

Each piece of wood resin rings is different from the other in color, style, looks, and design. This is because the rings are handcrafted by expert artisans creating an enchanting mirage. Each ring is topped with a resin bauble and within you can discover a mesmerizing sight like a waterfall cascading over and through lush vegetation, beautiful flower arrangements, and various designs inspired by nature or even geometric designs. You can choose any design as all are sure to mesmerize you.


The wood resin rings are very lightweight. The rings are light as a feather, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The resin is a lightweight material and when combined with wood it makes great jewelry. So, if you buy a huge resin wood ring, it will be fairly lightweight as compared to a huge metal ring. You can wear these rings every day without any issue.

Care for Wood Resign Rings

Avoid contact with exposed flame as extreme heat can melt the resin. Also, keep it away from alcohol, harsh chemicals, and perfumes as it can damage the smooth, shiny surface of the ring. The oils from the skin can wear down the surface of the resin, so wipe the ring with a soft cloth to remove oils.

These are few characteristics and care for wood resin ring. If you are looking to buy a statement jewelry piece, then wood resin rings are the ultimate ones. Buy them online at Atomoracle for an affordable price range.


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