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Make a Step and Repeat for Your Business Events

Everyone wants to post their images and videos online, and one of the items people tend to consider when they are at an event or trade show is a step and repeat banner. It was initially referred to as a press wall as well, and now these types of banners are present at all events, which is used as a backdrop for individual and group photographs at the event.

These types of banners have a repeating pattern of designs printed on to them, such as the company logos, event names, or some emblems, etc. it is so easy to design and make a step and repeat banner, which is also a great investment of your marketing budget as these can be reused at various events.

How to make step and repeat?

While planning for a step and repeat banner for your vents is a great idea, you may first think it is a daunting task to create it. In fact, with the help of a professional printer offering such services, you can design an elegant step and repeat and then materialize it through print. On the other hand, if you want to make a step and repeat yourself, it is also possible. In any case, you must consider the below important points on making step and repeats.

Decide the banner size

The first thing to consider while making step and repeat is the size of the banner. The ideal standard size is eight feet tall banners, which ensures that the top of the banner serving as the border of photographs is tall enough to accommodate the photograph’s subjects. Also, considering the space availability at the venue to ensure that your banner is displayed properly out there to decide its length. Some important measures to keep in mind are:

  • 10’ x 8’ is the most popular size choice for step and repeat for groups of up to 8 people photographs.
  • You may consider 8′ x 8′ size for smaller groups, which can effectively accommodate groups of two to four people in front of the banner.
  • 8′ x 5′ is an ideal size for the events featuring limited space, and you can effectively accommodate one to two people to pose for photos in front of such banners.

Decide the number of logos you put

Once you decide on the ideal banner size, you need to decide how your logos can be printed onto the banner, and many times, you have to repeat the logo. As the major objective of step and repeat is to build your branding, make sure that the logos are legible and large enough but not overpowering above the photographed subjects in that backdrop. Some important tips to note here are:

  • Use two to four different logos, if needed, may be ideal.
  • Putting more than six logos in a step and repeat may make it feel much crowded.

Based on the banner’s width, you can plan the number of logos in a row, but not by overpowering it.