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‘Make grandma go faster’: Cheeky little boy sends his grandma flying after speeding up her treadmill

  • Amusing footage sees a grandma swept off a treadmill in a living room
  • The video, taken by Jordan Davies, garnered more than 2K likes in three days
  • The family is in heaps of laughter and the little boy has a grin on his face

In hilarious footage, a treadmill is too much for a grandma, who is swept onto the floor after a cheeky little boy turns its speed up.

‘Let me be for real’, says the grandma repeatedly as she climbs onto the machine.

Slowly, the treadmill begins to tip upwards.

As the incline increases, so does the effort the grandma needs to continue climbing.

As the family laugh along, the young boy leans in and begins to fiddle with the controls.

He hits the button that increases the speed on the treadmill and it takes his grandma a second to work out exactly what he has done.

‘No, no!’ she says.

The grandma is swept away after the cheeky boy turns up the speed on the treadmill

But it’s too late. The old lady is seen attempting to cling onto the handlebars of the machine.

Eventually she is dragged backwards and ends up in a heap on the floor.

Her family is in heaps of laughter around her and the little boy has a cheeky grin on his face.

The video was posted onto Facebook by Jordan Davies and has garnered more than 2,000 likes in three days.