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Make your data secure using Power BI

You can now upgrade your skills using Power BI training.

Power BI usually encourages everyone in the organization to make an informed decision based on the data. Data is present everywhere and in a million different forms. And Excel plays a huge role in helping the businesses with the data. Power BI Certification Course is one of the most sought after courses today.

Power BI is one of the best analytics tools provided by Microsoft. And the best part is that it’s available in different forms like Desktop, Power BI service, and also in phones and Android devices. Recent studies also claim that 12% Business Intelligence market share is covered by Microsoft’s Power BI.

What is the difference between Power BI and Excel?

On one hand where Excel is awesome creating mathematical operations and organizing the data. It is basically a spreadsheet system which is really compatible to make tabular style reports. Power BI is more of a tool related to data visualization and business intelligence. You can analyse massive amount of data in and more easy way.

How companies can enhance their business intelligence with the help of Microsoft power BI?

Like we already mentioned above, data is present literally everywhere. And when companies are able to analyse it it will help them grow. That is precisely where Microsoft power BI comes into the picture. It enables the organizations to analyse the data properly so that they can make informed decisions based on the data. It supports an organization to embrace the data culture in multiple ways. Other reasons why Microsoft power BI is widely preferred are-

  • When data becomes more accessible, there is a higher risk of exploiting the data. Power BI provided by Microsoft has some security features which will protect the data no matter how and who is accessing it.
  • When you make any decision, there are multiple factors that you have to consider. Power BI is integrated with Azure synapse analytics which take care of it from the management, collaboration and analysis point of view. It is perfect to deal with massive amount of data and can create models with up to400 GB of data.
  • It allows data scientists, business analyst to use artificial intelligence to build business intelligence.
  • Since power BI is collaborated with Microsoft teams, communication and collaboration is much easier.

How is power platform helping business during covid-19?

Right now covid-19 has become a world wide crisis and has totally changed the way the businesses are functioning. Even though this pandemic was unpredictable, Microsoft team is helping the companies give this crisis and is also helping them to function even more efficiently. Here is how power BI platforms are helping the business organizations during COVID-19 –

  • In a global crisis like this, it is not possible for everyone to work from the office. The power bi platform is helping to make the days public when they are working from the office and the days they are working from their home. In this way the managers will be able to co-ordinate the work better across the team.
  • Upgrading your skill with power BI will help you to broadcast the news and updates by creating push notifications.
  • It makes communication and collaboration much easier between co-workers in real time. Hence a study workflow is maintained and deadlines can be met.
  • Employees require up-to-date information during despicable crisis. Power BI platform makes sharing of this information effortless. In this way everyone can be on the same page when news and government regulations are considered.

Why go for power bi certification course?

Today business intelligence is a key ingredient in the industry to be competitive and efficient. When businesses grow, it is very difficult to manage data which is been generated regularly. So when you want to utilize this data for decision-making, you need and effective analytical tool which will help you with this work.

Hence Microsoft power BI tool is extremely efficient in this task. Getting a Microsoft power BI certification will give you a competitive edge and benefits like-

  • You will be able to transform the data with the help of power BI desktop.
  • The course will help you to get the skills that is required to create your personal models and also optimize the existing models. It will also help you to model and visualize data.
  • There is no memory and speed restrictions you can do your work with is.
  • You can easily integrate Microsoft power BI tool with some advanced cloud services like bot framework and Cortana.
  • You do not need a specialised technical support and the user interface is quite easy to use.
  • The process of extraction of business intelligence is rapid and quite accurate.

We, RPS Consulting, bring you and extensive selection of Microsoft training and certification courses that you can opt for in India or even across the globe. Our Power BI certification course syllabus is up to date with the current industry standards, and will equip you with all the skills that you need to step into the professional industry.