Man and girlfriend ‘bash and rob cowering woman in the middle of a street in Perth road rage attack’

Terrified female driver is forced to cower in fear after a man and his girlfriend ‘bashed and robbed her in the middle of a street during brutal road rage attack’

  • Man allegedly rear ended woman’s blue hatchback with his Ford Territory
  • He’s then accused of verbally abusing then hitting her on the street in Perth
  • Witnesses claim he stole items from her car before fleeing the scene
  • Police are investigating a ‘possible assault’ but no charges have been laid 

A man and his girlfriend smashed into the back of a woman’s car before bashing and robbing her in the middle of a street, witnesses claim.

The alleged road rage attack took place about 2.30pm on Monday near the corner of of Albany Highway and Denny Avenue in Kelmscott, Perth.

Police attended the scene after multiple Triple-0 calls and are investigating a ‘possible assault incident’. No charges have been laid.

A dramatic photo of the incident shows the woman cowering next to her blue hatchback while a man in a striped shirt stands at his car’s door.

One of several witnesses said the man was driving the white Ford Territory when it rear-ended the other car, then got out and verbally abused her.

This dramatic photo allegedly depicts the moment before a man looted the car of a woman he had already bashed following a minor traffic collision

‘He ran up her a**e and got out and hit her. As you can see she is cowering,’ the witness claimed.

‘Whilst doing that his girlfriend also got out of the car and hit the lady too. She then got back into the driver side to be able to drive off.’

The witness said the photo she took depicted the man deciding to ‘come back for more’, which was when he allegedly stole items from her car.

‘I was the first one out of my car and ran over to him. He clearly said to me ”do not come near me”,’ the witness claimed.

Another witness and the alleged victim backed up this version of events. 

At least six people assisted the woman, got her car off the road and directed traffic away from the area until police arrived.  

Police said they were investigating the alleged assault and the events leading up to it, and asked for anyone with information to come forward.

‘None of the witnesses were able to provide the registration of the white Ford Territory involved, however we have since been provided with the image,’ police said.

‘It has now been provided to Armadale Police to assist with their investigation.’

Police said they were yet to speak to all parties involved and would form an allegation once that was completed.