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Man captures moment when salsa dancers seen from below look like ants scurrying over glass ceiling

Ants in their dancing pants! Footage of a salsa class filmed from beneath a glass ceiling creates the illusion of hundreds of insects scurrying around inside a box

  • Twitter user DannyDutch took the video while in a San Francisco building 
  • The video shows little black dots which appear to be ants on a glass ceiling 
  • DannyDutch revealed that the dots were actually salsa dancers  

A man traveling through a San Francisco building caught on camera what looks to be ants scurrying over glass – but it turns out the sight was actually not what it seems. 

Twitter user DannyDutch posted a video of little, oblong black shapes moving back and forth over a frosted glass grid.  

At first glance, the dots appear to be ants on a glass ceiling, but that’s a far cry from what they actually are. 

The salsa dancers can be seen dancing in pairs

Twitter user DannyDutch captured this bizarre video that makes salsa dancers look like ants

DannyDutch said that the video, showing salsa dancers' feet, was taken from below

DannyDutch said that the video, showing salsa dancers’ feet, was taken from below 

The video was apparently shot at the STC tower in San Francisco while he was on an escalator

‘A Salsa class filmed from below looks like very busy ants,’ DannyDutch wrote in his tweet accompanying the video.  

Upon closer inspection, it’s possible to identify who is leading and following in the dance pairings, as well as see the couples spinning and moving back and forth on the beat. 

The video was apparently shot at San Francisco’s STC building, according to Digg,  and shows the dancers moving on a glass floor while DannyDutch appears to have been standing on an up escalator. 

‘I’m not gonna lie. It gave me the heebie jeebies,’ wrote Twitter user @SeduceMeInWords upon watching the video. 

Other tweeters were quick to point out how similar the dancers seen from below resembled the disappearing footsteps in Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map. 


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