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Man is rushed to hospital after being attacked by a CROCODILE in Far North Queensland

Man is rushed to hospital after he had to fight off a crocodile when it locked its jaws around his HEAD in Far North Queensland

  • Paramedics were called to area at Lake Placid in Cairns after crocodile attack 
  • A 44-year-old man was transported to Cairns Hospital in a stable condition 
  • The man had to prise the jaws of the crocodile from his head and received cuts 
  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers have traveled to the area to investigate  

A man’s terrifying close call with a crocodile has been recounted after he had to prise the jaws of the creature from his head before being rushed to hospital. 

Paramedics were called to the scene at Lake Placid in the north-west of Cairns about 12.40pm on Thursday. 

Critical care paramedic Paul Sweeney said the 44-year-old man was lucky to have escaped and was treated for multiple lacerations to his head, hands, and shoulder. 

A man has been rushed to hospital after he was attacked by a crocodile in Queensland’s north  (stock image) 

Mr Sweeney said on Thursday the man was conscious when paramedics arrived. 

‘There was definite evidence of puncture wounds through his scalp to the right side of his head from either the upper or lower jaw,’ he said. 

‘There were additional puncture wounds, then, to the left angle of the jaw, the cheekbone there and the jaw, corresponding to a bite which the … the animal has bitten his head with jaws either side’.

He was transported to Cairns Hospital where he is reportedly in a stable condition. 

Rangers from Queensland Parks and Wildlife are investigating and have travelled to the area to locate the crocodile. 

‘Our team is now in place at Lake Placid. The search for the crocodile responsible for the attack is now underway,’ Queensland Environment said at about 3.30pm on Thursday. 

The man was doing swimming training in the water, Mr Sweeney said, when he felt a ‘sudden impact clasp on the top of his head’. 

‘He put his hands into the jaws to prise them off his head, and when he did so and let go, the jaw snapped shut onto his left forefinger, which wasn’t broken or severed thankfully,’ he said. 

He said the ‘fit’ man then slowly swam back to shore, concerned the crocodile might attack again, and was able to drag himself out of the water. 

He was then able to get help from bystanders. 

The man’s vital signs were good before he was transported to hospital, he said.