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Man pleads guilty to raping mother, says he blacked out

A 46-year-old man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to raping his own mother.  The felon is not being identified, so as to protect the identity of his victim (his edited mugshot is seen above)

A Cincinnati, Ohio man has pleaded guilty to raping his 63-year-old mother but has suggested he might have been drugged before the attack, causing him to black out.

Just moments after agreeing to a plea deal in court on Tuesday, the 46-year-old man told the judge he wasn’t guilty and wanted out of the deal, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. 

‘What is your plea to count 1, the offense of felonious assault … guilty or not guilty?’ Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Charles Kubicki asked.

‘Not guilty. I take my plea back. I want to go to trial with this,’ he said. ‘It’s all bogus and lies.’ 

But after meeting with his attorney again, the man agreed to the plea deal again, accepting an 11-year prison sentence. 

His attorney told the court that he was struggling with the idea of a long prison sentence.  

‘Are you satisfied with your terms?’ the judge asked. 

‘No I’m not, but yes I am,’ he said. ‘I am satisfied.’

The man said he doesn’t know what happened. He says someone might have put something in his drink. 

‘This is a bad situation. I feel bad about the whole incident. But I don’t even know what happened. I blacked out, somebody slipped me something in my drink. I don’t even know what was going on. I just don’t know,’ he told the judge. 

In exchange for pleading guilty to rape, felonious assault and kidnapping, prosecutors agreed to drop charges for attempted rape and abduction.

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison.  

The felon is not being identified, so as to protect the identity of his victim. 

Police say the assault happened last March, after the mother and son got into an argument about money. 

According to court documents, the son dragged his mother around the home by her hair, causing parts of her scalp to rip off. He also punched her in the face and body. 

The son then proceeded to rape his mother. 

At one point, the mother made a run for it – fleeing the home while still naked. 

She tried to get help at a neighbor’s house where she knocked on the door, but no one answered. 

Her son chased after her, grabbed her and ‘threw her over a fence back to their yard,’ the prosecutor said.  

Prosecutors say the man’s mother suffered a broken neck, bruises, cuts and bite marks during the assault earlier this year.

The Enquirer reported that the victim has not been involved in the case recently due to ‘affection for her son’.