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Man stopped for speeding ‘had 13 bags of illegal drugs and pills hidden between his buttocks’

Man stopped for speeding ‘had 13 bags of drugs including cocaine, heroin and pills hidden between his buttocks’

  • Derick McKay, 36, faces multiple drug charges after being stopped for speeding
  • Police said McKay was arrested for driving with a suspended license 
  • While patting him down, the deputy felt a ‘foreign object’ near his buttocks
  • Before being booked, McKay turned over the items he was hiding
  • He allegedly pulled out ‘from his buttocks’ 13 bags of illegal drugs, as well as pills

A Florida man has been charged with drug possession after police said they stopped him for speeding, leading to him pull out a variety of illegal drugs from near his buttocks at booking.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook that Derick McKay, 36, of Palm Coast, Florida, was spotted by a deputy, driving 51mph in a 35mph zone, without his seat belt, at about 9am on July 11. 

The deputy then conducted a routine traffic stop, at which the deputy saw McKay ‘making furtive movements inside the vehicle.’

Derick McKay, 36, faces multiple felony drug charges after he was stopped for speeding and then arrested for driving on a suspended license in Florida

When the deputy went to speak with McKay, he allegedly smelled marijuana wafting out of the car and coming from McKay himself. The deputy said that McKay appeared to be nervous and that his hands were shaking. 

McKay allegedly said no when the deputy asked about the smell of marijuana in the car and if he had anything illegal in the vehicle or on his person.

After learning that McKay’s license was suspended, following five previous suspended license convictions, the deputy arrested McKay for driving with a suspended license, 3rd or subsequent offense. 

While being patted down prior to being taken to jail, the deputy said he felt a ‘foreign object near McKay’s buttocks,’ according to the Facebook post. 

When asked about the object, McKay was said to have refused to turn it over, at which point the deputy told him that he would be charged with felony, introduction of contraband into a detention facility, if he brought narcotics into the jail. 

McKay still refused to remove the items from his pants, police said. 

Once at the jail, officers gave McKay one last chance to hand over any contraband he had in his possession before being booked. 

It was then, police said, that McKay complied.  

A look at the various baggies of drugs that police said McKay removed 'from his buttocks' prior to being booked into jail after his traffic stop arrest

A look at the various baggies of drugs that police said McKay removed ‘from his buttocks’ prior to being booked into jail after his traffic stop arrest

Police said that McKay removed — ‘from his buttocks’ — a large baggie of cocaine; a small baggie of crack; eight small baggies of heroin; a small baggie of marijuana; 12 white oval pills determined to be Lortab, aka Vicodin; 12 green pills of Oxycodone and ‘two small baggies containing a pink rock-like substance determined to be Ethylone also called Molly.’  

Police said McKay was then hit with multiple felony charges of possession of heroin, cocaine, Oxycodone, Lortab and Molly with intent to sell. He was also charged with misdemeanor possession of Marijuana with intent to sell, in addition to the original driving with suspended license charge and a contempt of court felony. 

McKay is being held without bond and has a series of previous arrests on drug charges dating back to 2008, police said. 

‘This was a routine traffic stop that ended with a serious poison peddler behind bars,’ Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said in a statement. ‘This dealer is not new to Flagler County and despite many chances, he just doesn’t seem to learn his lesson and a get a real job. I hope the courts deal harshly with him and get him off our streets for good before he sells to someone who overdoses or dies.’