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Man versus Machine – who wins the race?

Needless to mention that man has invented machines but when compared in terms of efficiency and intelligence, latter puts a question mark always. In fact, machines have occupied our lives to such an extent that we cannot imagine survival without them. Machines are never dependent on us.

However, find it difficult to prolong our survival without machines. No matter whether it is in terms of education, gaming, medications or any other field, artificial intelligence has a deep role play in every aspect. It’s not the first time when machine have been compared with humans. All the troubling aspects of life are made redundant with the outstanding workability of Machines. In fact, machines have replaced humans in several areas. It is definitely good for the employers but bad for the employees.

Afterall, everything comes with pros and cons and the same goes with machines. Here we have discussed few points That will let you know how invention of Ai is impacting human life – 

  • More unemployment and retrenchment

No matter how well you do at a job, you just cannot beat the efficiency of a robot. Moreover, you will be needing money on monthly or daily basis towards. A machine just doesn’t need anything in return. It keeps delivering fastest and most efficient results eternally. Technology is helping lot many businesses to get popularized in no time.

All because of the power of Internet and Robotics that manages the workload of hundreds of people all alone. According to to the current report, it is expected that by the end of 2030, robot automation will end up creating huge unemployment. More than 20% of UK employees are expected to to get fired because of Machines replacing them. No matter whether it is about booking appointment, recording data, processing information or initiating any other work, a human just cannot work as much as a robot. Some of the biggest tech companies are also working with Robots to speed up their work with more efficiency like Microsoft, Google, IBM, betway.

In the upcoming 120 years, more than 50% of the jobs are expected to be overtaken by the robots . unemployment at a huge scale is a matter of deep concern . in fact, it can impose a dent upon mental peace and potentiality of human existence.

One of the biggest examples of man versus machine is regarding a matches played between best chess players and a supercomputer. There was a question mark in the significance of human existence the moment it world’s best chess player was badly beaten in the game by the IBM supercomputer.

Machines have naturally imposed a lot of anxiety among humans. something that causes vulnerability to the entire human race should be considered seriously.

  • New jobs and opening because of artificial intelligence

According to the latest scenario, artificial intelligence is expected to generate around 133 million new jobs by the end of 2022. There would be a lot of job rotation and alterations all over. Nothing is going to happen overnight. government will definitely contribute in securing the citizens against any kind of negative impact. At one place, artificial intelligence is going to replace humongous employees number of  thereby generating unemployment. On the other hand, the same Technology will help in creation of exciting opportunities which can be taken as a positive point.

  • Affecting relationships

Artificial intelligence has helped us to socialize better. Existence of tender, Facebook, and Bumble have allowed us to get connected with people at global level. It is now easy to find people with same religion, personality traits and interest. By the end of 2025, it is expected that artificial intelligence will let you find out about the sexual compatibility as well.

In case you are an introvert, artificial intelligence is going to be your helping partner in finding out certain secretive things. Somehow, that have been instances when people have simply fallen in love with robots.  more than 12000 people belonging to 32 different countries were found to fall in love with robots.

Now this was something heartbreaking and concerning. A robot can child just like a human being. In fact, there have been robots to satisfy sexual urge. People are getting emotionally attached to machines which is giving birth to human robot relationships. The scenario of breakups, cheating and love at first sight is now getting replaced with science fiction based love stories.

  • Improvement in Global health

Artificial intelligence has made a huge impact in medical industry. The fitness tracker gadgets in form of wristband or locket can help as your personal life physician and surgeon all the time. infact, nanotechnology has been accurately initiating surgeries and helping people to recover better. Artificial Technology is now into detecting cancer cells. It is also known to eliminate symptoms with 99% accuracy. With 30 times faster Technology, AI can immediately destroy the cancer cells and encounter the Deadly ailment right away.

  • Travel

Robot will help you to carry on luggage and guide you all the way in a new place. Even in the hotel, a robot will help you to book the best room at lower prices. It can as your language and add fuel to the dull and boring holidays.

  • Impact on food and drink

There is no doubt about the fact that artificial intelligence has impacted the food industry as well. There are companies who have been taking orders online through the computers and delivering the the food according to the received information. The concept of flying burgers has received the much with the advent of food delivery services that particularly use robotics for processing the information.

So who wins the race?

Humans are simply not as efficient as Robotics. However, when it comes to intelligence, we do win the race. Elimination of human errors and better accuracy definitely spell success to robotics. Somehow, a robot requires humans to make them work and stay aligned. The binge worthy pleasure of human interaction is simply irreplaceable by any technology in this world. We do lack efficiency but emotions fulfill it all. Robots have an important role play in our life but they can never replace humans no matter how well the world progresses.