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Man who chewed off brother-in-law’s cheek begs to be jailed – but the judge turns him down

A man who bit off a chunk of his future brother-in-law’s cheek in a vicious fight a day before his sister was to marry the victim, has begged to be sent to jail. 

Luke Alan Lewis, 22, pleaded guilty to causing his sister’s fiancé grievous bodily harm at Mooloolaba Wharf on March 24.

He told Judge Glen Cash he was remorseful and ‘genuinely guilty’ at the end of the trial at Maroochydore District Court in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Luke Alan Lewis bit a chunk of his future brother-in-law’s face off at Mooloolaba Wharf (pictured)

He was sentenced to two years’ jail but was to be immediately released on parole, the Courier Mail reported.

On hearing this, Lewis said he would prefer to be sent to prison.  

The court heard Lewis, his sister, and the 36-year-old victim were talking when the pair started fighting.

Judge Cash said Lewis punched the victim twice in the head which led to him tackling Lewis to the ground.

‘You lifted yourself up to bite him on the left side of his face and you bit with what must have been quite an amount of force because you actually bit some flesh from his cheek and spat it onto the ground,’ he told the court.

The judge said Lewis also bit the man’s arm.

‘When people grab me the first instinct is to bite something off,’ Lewis told police after being arrested.

The court heard Lewis struggled with mental health and an alcohol problem.

A psychologist’s report said he was diagnosed with depressive and social anxiety disorder, dyslexia, and schizotypal personality disorder.

Crown prosecutor Greg Cummings said Lewis had a history of violent crimes and without intervention could continue to react violently in the community.

He said the crime was a ‘gross over-reaction’, ‘very vicious’ and required ‘a very significant application of force to remove the chunk of flesh’.

Mr Cummings said a sentence of up to three years was called for, but that it was up Judge Cash as to whether Lewis served time behind bars. 

Luke Alan Lewis, 22, pleaded guilty to causing his sister's fiance grievous bodily harm during a trial at Maroochydore District Court (pictured) in Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Luke Alan Lewis, 22, pleaded guilty to causing his sister’s fiance grievous bodily harm during a trial at Maroochydore District Court (pictured) in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Barrister Mark Dixon, acting for Lewis, said prison time could make his client’s criminal behaviour worse and suggested a two-year prison sentence with immediate release on parole.

He said Lewis showed ‘genuine’ remorse for the offending.

‘I feel horrible about it, there is no apology to what I did to that fella’s face I think he would feel broken and hurt, he doesn’t have much of a life and family like us,’ Mr Dixon read from Lewis’ statement. 

But Lewis did not want parole, he wanted to be jailed.  

‘I would probably prefer imprisonment to pay back in some sort of way, I’m genuinely guilty,’ he said to the judge after his parole was announced.

‘No one is going to f**king help me, I’m sorry for swearing, but I know no one is going to help me. I have to help myself and I disagree on the matter.’

Lewis said he wouldn’t be able to adhere to the parole regulations. ‘I’m not going to lie to your face saying I’m going to stick to it, I don’t think it’s necessary,’ he said.

But Judge Cash did not change the sentence, saying parole would help him to be rehabilitated.

‘It’s apparent to me, even if you won’t acknowledge it, that you need assistance,’ he said.