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Management Vs. Prince2 Management

Usually, an organization’s management plan includes the following elements.  The management plans usually also identify the company’s project and program areas.  These can be seen as attempts to describe how an organization’s projects are related to the organization’s overall program.

By understanding that there are some levels within an organization and the levels in an organization, project and the related programs need to be identified and these can then be matched to the organization’s needs and requirements.  It is well understood and used when some policy and procedure documentation is used to aid several departments to work together and support policies and procedures within a larger regulatory or guidelines framework.

However, the management of projects and programs has been an emerging area and requires some more guidance and direction.  It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to manage project management and have guidelines delineated so that their projects are consistent and that the programs are well coordinated. As on a PRINCE2 Certification Edinburgh course.

Each project or program is unique and that each has its own need both in terms of guidance and focus.  There are several factors to the success of the project.  First of all is where the projects fit within the organization’s programs, policies, and standards.  Once a needs assessment has been done a plan needs to be developed.

The plan will help the project team in the management of the process of the project. If the team is small then the project should be facilitated with personnel support and a team leader. For larger teams, the use of software and electronic equipment is often used by consultants to assist the team.  To succeed there must be sufficient personnel with the right skills so these people need to assure that the team is the right size.

The governance and support of the team need to be represented on the team. Team members need to understand their roles on the team and the key responsibilities that they have. The key roles on the team cannot be those that are deemed the responsibility to the campaign or program, but the key roles that the individual team members have.

The team needs to be managed as a one department team. That takes the project team and one of the project managers leading that team. The help of a project manager will help in developing the team with the three methods of the project life cycle, which are as follows:

Each project team should identify key success factors and will also identify opportunities for improvement.  All of the team member’s interests should be represented in the team selection process.  To develop the team it is important that the project manager and the team identify the project sponsor.

For a small project, the project sponsor may be a Health stock Manager who has funded in the past.  Unfortunately, if the project is to seek funding in the future, the sponsor will have to make sure that they are able to support the team.

Unfortunately, the large projects are accomplished primarily by the project manager and the project team.  If the sponsor is not involved in the process the sponsor will need to provide the scope of the project and any appropriate resources and the quality requirements across the team.

The project team must communicate effectively with the sponsor and the sponsor and be able to work in liaison with the sponsor.  One of the most common and easily remediable problems between a sponsor and a team is the lack of group input.  In most organizations sponsorship is a statutory requirement.

As such, a sponsoring project manager needs to be involved in the process at some point.  In order to manage the project effectively, sponsor management needs to be involved in the planning process of a project.  As the sponsor becomes involved in the process the member of the sponsor management is needed to sit down and have one on one’s to discuss the new status of the project with the project manager.

However, if the sponsor is not as active as a knowledgeable chair he or she will need to negotiate to present the project with the sponsor and the team in order to get input from the sponsor.  For this to be successful, the sponsor needs to have a plan before describing the process that the sponsor will make to assure the overall team is as close to the sponsor as possible.  The benefits to both project management and management are significant.

When a team is located in a single location where they are all who can make their input into the problem.

When there is a core group that develops the work as the core project is established.  This group form the core project team.