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Manchester woman broke both ankles at Flip Out

A mother who broke both her ankles in a horrific accident at a trampoline park was made to wait three hours for an ambulance – which never turned up.

Nikitta Cole was left in agony after plunging down a 20-foot vertical ninja slide and smashing into a barrier at Flip Out in Manchester last week.  

Horrific footage shows her cry out in pain after her ankles break against the solid barrier at the end of the slide.

She was then left to make her own way to hospital in a taxi after waiting three hours for an ambulance to arrive.  

This is not the first time someone has been seriously injured at a one of the trampoline parks.

Earlier this year dental nurse Lucy Jones, 19, says she experienced the ‘worst pain’ of her life after she broke her back at Flip Out Chester.

Three other people also claim to have broken their backs on the jump.

McDonald’s worker Nikitta, who is mum to Declan, 11, Maisy-Lea, nine, and Alleah-Jae, two, didn’t realise at first how badly injured she was.

‘At first I was just in shock and I went completely numb,’ she told the Manchester Evening News.

‘I have never had a broken bone in my body so didn’t realise they were broken.’

At Salford Royal she had surgery to repair her ankles with permanent metal plates and screws

Nikitta ended up getting a taxi to hospital after waiting three hours for an ambulance and then being told she would have to make her own way in.

At Salford Royal she had surgery to repair her ankles with permanent metal plates and screws.

She praised staff at Flip Out Manchester for staying with her during the agonising wait for a taxi then helping her clamber in.

The popular centre is fitted with wall-to-wall trampolines and a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course.

A spokesperson for Flip Out said: ‘Since opening at the end of December thousands of people have safely used the slide and we are confident this is an isolated incident.

‘Safety is our number one priority and we strive to ensure that everyone who visits can enjoy all of the activities in a safe environment.

‘We have spoken to Nikitta and wish her a speedy recovery.’

Nikitta said she hasn’t had time to consider whether she will take action against Flip Out or make a formal complaint.