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Manly cop $25K fine after Des Hasler tore strips off ref in ‘out of control’ outburst

Manly cop $25K fine after Des Hasler tore strips off ref in outburst that saw Peter V’landys blow up and label him ‘out of order’

  • The Sea Eagles have been issued with a Breach Notice and fined $25K 
  • ARL chair V’landys condemned the outburst, saying Hasler was ‘out of order’
  • The club has until next Friday to reply to the notice 

Manly have been hit with a $25,000 fine from the NRL after Des Hasler questioned referee Ben Cummins’ officiating in last Friday’s 22-20 loss to Parramatta, which led to ARL Commission Chairman Peter V’landys branding him ‘out of control’.

Hasler claimed the Eels were given a leg-up by Cummins and said the referee needed to review his own performance after the Sea Eagles were on the wrong end of a 9-2 penalty count.

Manly prop Josh Aloiai also criticised Cummins’ performance and said the referee had unfairly penalised Hasler’s side.

Des Hasler’s comments about Ben Cummins’ officiating in Manly’s loss to Parramatta last round has landed the club in hot water

NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo labelled Hasler’s comments ‘disappointing’ after issuing the Sea Eagles with a breach notice on Friday.

‘We understand that passions run high, but that is simply no excuse to make comments which question the integrity and competence of our officials,’ he said.

‘Public criticism of this nature makes it harder to recruit and retain match officials at all levels of the game.

‘To see not only a coach, but a player, criticise officials to this extent is not the level of professionalism we expect in rugby league.’

Ben Cummins blew a 9-2 penalty count Parramatta's way in the game

Ben Cummins blew a 9-2 penalty count Parramatta’s way in the game

V’landys went several steps further on 2GB on Friday morning. 

‘Des Hasler is a great bloke and a fantastic human being, but he was out of order last week in criticising the referee’s integrity. He should not do that,’ he told Ben Fordham.

‘That referee (Cummins) has a family. He’s got self-esteem, he’s got his mental wellbeing, you don’t just go and attack someone’s integrity like that.’

V’landys, who has been outspoken in his belief that the NRL has the best sport product in Australia, was keen to highlight the natural ups and downs of rugby league.

V'landys has said public criticism of referees has no place in the game

V’landys has said public criticism of referees has no place in the game

‘In sport, you get the rub of the green. One week you get the decision that goes against you, the next week it goes with you,’ said V’landys.

‘You just accept it. It’s a game that makes us all feel good. Don’t bring someone’s self-esteem like a referee down just like we shouldn’t do anyone in the community.’

The Sea Eagles went down to the Storm 28-8 last night, with the penalty count reading 6-7 the Storm’s way. 

Hasler was making on excuses for his side on this occasion, saying the side ‘didn’t give ourselves a chance’ in the press conference after the game.

Manly have until next Friday to respond to the $25K breach notice.