Map reveals the largest ethnic and religious group in every US county

  • A new non-professional map uses data from the Census and religious surveys to map ethnicity and religion
  • Shows which ethno-religious group is the most populous in every county across the US
  • Depicts how certain groups have taken root since colonial days and others continue to spread today 

A new map has reveled the largest ethno-religious group in each county across the US.

The map, created by Reddit user delugetheory, combines 2016 Census data on ethnicity with 2010 data on religion from the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies.

It does not include atheism or no religion, and only shows pluralities, meaning the group shown may not be an absolute majority in the county.

The county-level data shows intriguing patterns across the US. 

In the Northeast, white Catholics predominate, while in the mid-Atlantic and South, white and African-American Evangelical protestants hold pluralities in most counties.

In the Southwest, white and Hispanic protestants and Catholics each predominate in different strips of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. 

In Utah and parts of the surrounding states, white Mormons are predictably the predominate group. 

Near the Four Corners, however, home to several large Native American reservations, the predominant groups are split between Catholic and Mormon Natives.

In the Upper Midwest, home to many early German, Norwegian and Swedish settlers in the early expansion of American, mainline protestants predominate in some areas.

Around the Great Lakes, where the French had early settlements, white Catholics predominate.

Likewise near New Orleans and Miami, the lone Catholic strongholds in the Southeastern states.

The map represents combined data, since the US Census stopped asking about religion in the 1950s.