Map shows MILLIONS of children will return to school in August despite surging coronavirus cases

Alabama – Partial reopening

Gov. Kay Ivey has not issued a mandate ordering all schools to reopen. Instead, officials have released a framework of recommendations. According to, a majority of school districts are allowing students the choice as to whether they attend physical classes or dial in virtually.

Alaska – Partial reopening

School districts are expected to follow the state education department’s Smart Start 2020 framework. While most schools are expected to resume in-person classes, some schools will continue with distance learning. The Anchorage school district will push back the start of their school year by two days so teachers can implement safety precautions.

Arizona – Delayed

Arizona schools usually start its academic year in early August. In light of COVID spikes, Gov. Doug Ducey has delayed the first day of instruction to August 17 at the earliest. The date may be pushed back further.

Arkansas – Delayed

Arkansas will resume classes on August 24 instead of August 13 , Gov. Asa Hutchinson has announced. School districts will then decide on their mode of instruction. In areas with low coronavirus infections, students will likely return to school full-time. In districts with high cases, learning could continue in an online format.

California – Partial Reopening

On Friday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced safety criteria for reopening schools. Counties must have low rates of COVID-19 in order to allow students back into the classroom. At present, more than half of all California counties fall short of the standards required to reopen.

Colorado – Partial Reopening

Connecticut – Reopening

According to, Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona said June 25 ‘that his department was proposing all schools reopen to students in the fall. Students and staff will be required to wear masks while inside school buildings’. However, the plans have been hotly contested by many parents and teachers. Gov. Ned Lamont says he is now looking into the matter and will make an announcement next month.

Delaware – No Plans Announced

Florida – Reopening

Last week,Florida’s Commissioner of the Department of Education  issued an emergency order requiring all “brick and mortar schools” to open “at least five days per week for all students.”  The decision has been hotly contested. Some school districts now plan to delay the start of their school year.

Georgia – Partial Reopening

Hawaii – Reopening

With low coronavirus cases, The Hawaii Department of Education announced public schools would begin reopening from  August 4.

Idaho – Partial Reopening 

Illinois- Partial Reopening

Indiana – Partial Reopening

Decisions will be made by individual school districts. Some have pushed back the start of the school year and will conduct some instruction online.

Iowa – Partial Reopening

Governor Kim Reynolds is pushing for schools to prioritize in-person learning, but has not issued a mandate ordering them to do so. However, schools will be required to deliver in-person instruction at least 50 percent of the time. 

Kansas – Delayed 

Gov. Laura Kelly has mandated that schools not reopen until after Labor Day. Masks must be worn at schools delivering in-person instruction.

Kentucky – Partial Reopening 

Louisiana – Partial Reopening

Local districts will decide whether or not to reopen their schools. Guidelines state that schools can opt for a mix of traditional, hybrid and distance learning.

Maine – Partial Reopening

Decisions will be left to local districts. Many may opt for a mix of in-person and virtual learning.

Maryland – Partial Reopening

State Superintendent Karen B. Salmon will provide an update on schools reopening next week. However, most schools appear to be opting for a mix of Virtual learning, in-person and hybrid systems. Baltimore City Public Schools may offer families the option of an all-virtual school year.

Massachusetts – No Plan Announced Yet

Michigan – Partial Reopening

Minnesota – Partial Reopening

Some schools will reopen after Labor Day, others are considering staggering attendance in order to ensure social distancing.

Mississippi – Partial Reopening

Online learning is likely to be a component for most students, as schools will stagger attendance.

Missouri – Partial Reopening

The final decision to open will be up to districts. St. Louis County has announced they will reopen schools with masks and social distancing in place. However, some classes may take place online.

Montana – Partial Reopening

Most schools are reported to be opting for a hybrid mix of in-person instruction and virtual learning.

Nebraska – Partial Reopening

Gov Ricketts had urged schools to reopen but has not issued a mandate. He stated: ‘It’s almost going to be a building-by-building decision–and some of those decisions are going to be very difficult. Please, work with your schools on this.’

Nevada – Partial Reopening

New Hampshire – Partial Reopening

Officials are leaving decision up to local districts, although it is expected most schools will physically reopen with safety precautions.

New Jersey – Partial Reopening

New Mexico – Partial Reopening

According to local news outlets, online learning is likely to be prioritized in the first few weeks of the academic year across the state 

New York – No Plan Announced Yet

Gov. Cuomo says he is set to release more details in the coming weeks. However, it seems unlikely most students will return to school on a full-time basis. In New York City, Bill de Blasio said he anticipates schools will re-open sometime in the fall with students attended on a staggered schedule to ensure social distancing.

North Carolina – Partial Reopening

North Dakota – Partial Reopening

Officials say it will not be easy to immediate place all students safely back in schools after closing schools in mid-March.

Gov. Doug Burgum has stated: ‘We flicked the light switch off in the spring. That was easy. Flicking it back on, we’re not turning it back on to the same thing that we were…. K-12 schools have to think about how they’re going to have to deliver education in those buildings in a way that allows them to stay open.’ 

Ohio – Partial Reopening 

Gov. Mike DeWine has urged schools to try and reopen their schools for full attendance, saying student learning is better in-person. However, he had conceded that ‘schools can adjust their rules to what works best for them for a safe environment and that protects students and staff.” 

Oklahoma – Partial Reopening 

Oregon – Partial Reopening 

Pennsylvania – Partial Reopening 

Rhode Island – Partial Reopening 

South Carolina – Partial Reopening 

South Dakota – Partial Reopening 

Tennessee – Partial Reopening 

Texas – Delayed

Previous guidance from officials has recommended that schools offer three weeks of virtual instruction to start the year, but risk losing state funding if they do not return to in-person instruction shortly after. However, Gov. Abbot is now reconsidering in light of surging COVID-19 cases across the state.

Utah – Partial Reopening

Vermont – Partial Reopening

Officials are leaving the decision to individual school districts, however it is likely most schools will reopen and students will attend in person full-time due to low infection numbers across the state.

Virginia – Partial Reopening 

Washington – Partial Reopening 

West Virginia – Delayed

West Virginia public schools have pushed their start date back three weeks to September 8.

Wisconsin – Partial Reopening

Official guidances has outlines several scenarios that schools could follow. These reportedly include ‘four-day school weeks, a two-day rotation, an a/b week rotation, and virtual learning’.

Wyoming – Partial Reopening

The state’s 48 school districts are responsible for developing reopening plans.