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Marketing strategy tips that help your business to push its limits

Marketing is one of the most important components for success of any company, regardless of the industry. Your company may have an amazing product or service, but if no one knows about it, you cannot expect to make profit. Effective marketing reaches the right kind of people and converts them to customers or leads.

There are some marketers and business owners, who have dramatically changed the business world. For instance, Steve Jobs and his Apple products turned the cell phone industry and marketing upside down. As marketing evolves and the best tactics change constantly, it is important to keep up with the best tricks.

Keep up with the times

Reza Shojaei, the owner of Value Marketing, a multimillion dollar business, sheds light onto the best possible marketing tips and tricks. Value Marketing was founded in 2017 and only in a couple of years, it has reached a multimillion dollar status. Today, the company has two major brands: and, that collectively cover 12 countries.

Effective marketing is the route to success. No matter what kind of product or service you have, your marketing strategy has to be on point. Without it, you will not reach your target audience and potential customers. And ultimately, no business can survive without customers, Shojai says.

Beautiful products and effective marketing

To use an example, Apple is one of the most successful companies in history. When you look at iPhones and iPads, you can see that they are beautifully designed and minimalist, which suits the modern times quite well. However, it is not only the beautiful product itself that made Apple a success: Steve Jobs was a genius in the field of marketing.

He created emotional and simple ad campaigns that caught the attention of everyone. Also, Apple keeps bringing out new, more innovative technology at a steady pace, keeping its products relevant.

Of course, you have to have a product that people will benefit from. Something that solves a problem and brings value to the customers. For instance, our two main brands, and, provide honest and transparent reviews that give our readers more information, Shojaei says.

The value of your product and service are equally important to excellent marketing.

Networking can be very useful

In business, the connections you make can prove to be the lifeline of your business. An excellent example of this is network marketing: by building a network and connecting with many people, you will get your product out there and meet people who can help you to grow. For instance, Mary Kay Ash built a makeup empire through network marketing.

We attend many conferences annually to meet new developers, professionals, and potential affiliate contacts. For instance, in February of 2020, we attended ICE in London to meet new people and make new connections, Reza reveals.

Make a positive spectacle

Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, is a wonderful example about what it means to make a positive spectacle. Her best-selling book, Becoming, confirmed Michelle Obama’s personal brand and the book tour became somewhat of a spectacle, in the best possible sense. She sold out stadiums, tickets selling for over $3000 a piece. The tour was more than just the book: it featured celebrities and even Ellen was seen in the tour.

All in all, it was about good marketing: something that Michelle Obama has always excelled at.

When the product sells itself, you have less to do

Peter Drucker is one of the most well-known professionals in the area of management. He is famous for the quote “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Frankly put, if your product is so good that it will sell itself, you will not need to put as much effort into marketing and strategizing.

Our two online brands are so well-known across the 12 countries now that we do not have to put too much effort into marketing. Our readers return to our sites constantly over and over again, Shojaei says.

How do you engage your audience’s attention? 

Gary Vee is known for harnessing the power of the internet early on. When Google launched AdWords in the 1990’s, Gary Vee from VaynerMedia jumped right on it. He got the audience’s attention with new ideas and innovations.

It is not enough to only get the audience’s attention once. You have to keep the attention by keeping your company relevant. Again, Apple is a great example. Because they bring out new products all the time with new and innovative features, the customers are always looking forward to the next product, Shojaei says.

Do not be afraid to get creative

Ultimately, what makes the wheels of your business go round is the creativity and passion behind the product and service. The chances are that you started your company out of passion for something. Although often times, as the time passes and working and everyday life takes the shine out of many things, you should remember to keep your passion. Keep the creativity alive and think outside the box. It helps your company and your product to stand out from the masses: you are the reason why your company exists.

Value Marketing used to work in the face-to-face marketing industry before we turned to iGaming. However, I was not passionate about it. I have been a poker player for the past 15 years, so transitioning to the iGaming industry was much more fun for me. Working with something I am passionate about makes every day much more fun, Shojaei concludes.