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Married policeman sacked for slapping a female colleague’s bottom as they cleared up Royal Wedding 

Clinton Geldard (pictured) was found by a panel to have sexually assaulted two of his colleagues 

A police officer who slapped a female colleague’s bottom during the clean-up of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding has been sacked by a panel that found he also sexually assaulted a man at his station. 

Clinton Geldard said ‘I will destroy you’ and made other lewd comments when he smacked the female junior officer he was supposed to be mentoring.  

Geldard also smacked the woman’s rear as they refuelled their patrol car in the town. 

He did not turn up for the misconduct hearing but said he did not dispute the facts against him.   

Today a disciplinary hearing concluded he was guilty of gross misconduct during the clean-up outside Windsor Castle. 

In another incident he had sexually assaulted another officer in the operations room at Reading Police Station in April last year, a panel concluded.

The officer resigned from Thames Valley Police when his behaviour was being investigated.

He was found to have committed sexual assault on the two officers over their clothing during April and May last year and was retrospectively sacked without notice. Geldard is now working as a massage therapist in Reading charging £60 an hour.

Geldard slapped his female colleague's bottom as she bent over while they were cleaning up Windsor following the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (pictured) 

Geldard slapped his female colleague’s bottom as she bent over while they were cleaning up Windsor following the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (pictured) 

Disciplinary Panel chairman Muzamil Khan said Geldard had ‘a propensity whilst on duty to physically touch colleagues without consent’.

Mr Khan said the panel accepted the evidence of Geldard’s victims as Geldard himself did not attend the hearing to dispute them.

The chairman read the allegations out during the public hearing after hearing submissions from the press who challenged an earlier ruling that no details of Geldard’s offending would be revealed in public as he had admitted them. 

The media challenged the decision on the basis that the disciplinary hearing was a public matter.

He said the allegations against Geldard were that: ‘In April 2018 you sexually assaulted officer A by using a finger, thumb, or other object to poke his anus whilst in the ops room at Reading police station.

‘On two occasions in May 2018, while on duty with a junior officer, officer B, you were mentoring. The first occasion, while stationed in Windsor for the clear up during the Royal wedding, you are accused of groping, slapping, grabbing or prodding her bottom when she bent over.

Clinton Geldard (pictured with his wife, Sophie) has been sacked after a panel found he sexually assaulted two colleagues 

Clinton Geldard (pictured with his wife, Sophie) has been sacked after a panel found he sexually assaulted two colleagues 

‘On the second occasion, while at a police station refuelling a vehicle, you prodded or poked her with the fuel cap. She consented on neither occasion.

‘You made numerous rude, sexually suggestive comments to officer B, including ‘have you got a wide on?’, ‘I will destroy you’, and comments about ejaculating on her face. These comments insulted her and made her feel uncomfortable.’

Mr Khan revealed that Geldard had been interviewed after allegations were made on June 1 last year and he had denied the allegation made by officer A and had denied the allegations of officer B in part, in that he denied touching the woman officer but accepted he had made comments of a sexual nature.

The chairman said: ‘At one point he suggested that his behaviour or comments in relation to officer B was part of ex-military type banter. In relation to comments to officer B, he suggested his comments were reciprocated.

‘The evidence of the complainants is internally and externally consistent. We find the allegations proven. 

‘Despite being challenged, former Pc Geldard continued with his behaviour. We are satisfied that former Pc Geldard’s behaviour amounts to gross misconduct and because it is so serious, dismissal would be justified.

‘We make a formal finding that former Pc Geldard is dismissed from the force without notice and he would have been dismissed if he had not resigned.’

Geldard joined TVP on December 27 2007 and resigned on August 1 last year after proceedings started against him. His final day of duty was August 31 last year.

He had taken a sustained leave of absence from March 2016 to April 2017 for major surgery and had a period of rehabilitation before he went back to work. He had been subject to no previous disciplinary hearings.

Geldard (pictured, with his wife Sophie) has been retrospectively sacked after he quit while under investigation 

Geldard (pictured, with his wife Sophie) has been retrospectively sacked after he quit while under investigation 

The hearing was told that Geldard had played no part in the investigation against him and had stuck by his statements made in the interviews described. 

He did not attend the proceedings today, where Police Federation representatives raised no objections in his defence.

Mark Thomas, counsel for TVP, told the hearing in Kidlington, Oxfordshire: ‘He has declined the opportunity to register a response to the allegations, it does not mean that he’s admitted the allegations. He has declined to contest the evidence in these proceedings.

‘There is evidence from reliable witnesses in relation to each and every allegation. In the absence of the former officer contesting that evidence, it should be found to be reliable.’

Geldard now works as a self-employed sports massage and myofascial release therapist. 

Myofascial release therapy is described as a gentle but hands-on treatment on Geldard’s personal therapy page which says: ‘True myofascial therapists use advanced skills of touch and listening to feel the pulls and restrictions within each individual’s body.’

Geldard himself writes on the page: ‘I listen carefully to what my clients tell me and work to treat the underlying causes of their presenting issues and not just the most obvious symptoms. I treat every client as an individual and no two treatments are the same.

‘We take a detailed case history and assess the body before creating a treatment plan with hands-on work followed up with stretching and a detailed care plan so that a client knows how they can help themselves towards recovery or improvement between appointments.

‘I ask new massage clients with a presenting problem to try to see me regularly with short intervals so that we can try and effect change. From there my goal is tor space treatments further apart and keep the improvements for longer each time as well as create more strategies to prevent recurrence.’ 



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